Lesson 8 – Everything is Love-Light (Presence-Energy) in Vibration

Hey guys, welcome back.

In the previous lesson, you studied and learned my philosophy and experience of the origin story; the order in which Creation moves from its most original, infinite non-state, to execute itself in the form of Free Awareness, in order to generate freedom—freedom of Consciousness, freedom of movement, freedom of Awareness, the actionable form of Infinity.

Creation does this so that it can start to generate—using this Infinite Intelligence—experiences for itself, through itself, by itself, of itself. This free agency then, this Free Awareness, this Infinite Intelligence, is the immediate offspring of Infinity itself, of Absolute Unity and Oneness.

This infinite Free Awareness now uses its intelligence to generate, in a sense, a force field, an energy field, which is Unconditional Love. This force field is reflective of Infinity. It is reflective of Unity. The One is just The One; there is only One, and there is only Unity and there is only Infinity. Infinity by definition has to be Unity, because separation or duality is a finite concept. So, The One has to be Unity. Infinity has to be Unity.

The first creation that this free agency, this Free Awareness, generated is a field of Unconditional Love. This reflects Infinity, because Unity is Infinity. Unity recognizes all aspects of itself as itself, and that is what love is—to see yourself in everything you see. Awareness sees itself as everything. So, on a universal, absolute scale, that is what Free Awareness is doing, that is what the free agency is doing.

An infinite type of energy, or a field of Unconditional Love, is generated by this first emanation—the first manifestation which comes from the unmanifest Infinite Intelligence that is Free Awareness. This Unconditional Love is manifest, but it is so subtly manifest that it holds the potential for all possible forms, which means it is not yet collapsed. It is still very spacious. It is still very undefined. It is very formless. It is very universal. It is all-pervasive Love—unconditional potential.

Free Awareness utilizes its Intelligence to work its magic. Intelligence works its power and its vision onto this field of infinite endless potential, or Unconditional Love. It starts generating patterns of light, patterns of energy, so that experience becomes visible, experience becomes tangible, experience becomes experiential. It starts to diversify itself and create patterns of patterns of patterns of patterns of patterns.

This is like the fractal idea—universal fractal creation. It diversifies and diversifies and even generates different diversifications of its own I-ness, turning into I-AM, I-AM, I-AM, I-AM… one of which is you. From this Love-Light field, everything that has form and specificity is created.

This was just to briefly recap the previous lesson. I figured it couldn’t hurt.

Everything is Love-Light in Vibration

What I want to get into is the idea that everything is Love-Light in vibration. Everything is Love-Light in vibration. Love-Light is simply another term for Presence-Energy. Presence-Energy is Love-Light. The substance, the essence, the substratum of all form, of all of Creation, of anything that has appearance—is made out of this fundamental core Presence-Energy or Love-Light. This means that every single thing you experience, every seeming object that appears inside of your Consciousness, inside of your Awareness, is actually made out of nothing but Love-Light.

This is an interesting concept because I‘m sure you have heard many spiritual people reference “Love-Light,” as in, “I send you Love, I send you Light.” I don’t think many people realize exactly what they’re talking about. What it comes down to (at least the way I mean it) is that we’re talking about the substance, the very core, the very essence, the very perfect nature of all of Creation itself.

When we share Love-Light with each other, what we’re doing is amplifying the recognition of the fundamental basic energy that connects and combines and unifies all that we are. It heals everything that needs to be healed. Healing doesn’t really exist, but for the purpose of transmitting an energy sensation, “healing” is a beautiful word. When we send Love-Light, things heal, things realign, things become rooted again in that core substratum of Existence or Presence itself.

To give you a clearer perspective and experience, what I want you to experience in this lesson is the fact that everything you ever experience, including what you would call “physical matter,” is actually Love-Light in a particular vibratory pattern. At the basis of Existence, at its absolute level, this Love-Light is vibrating at the frequency of Unconditional Love and Unconditional Light.

Things we see in everyday life—like a laptop, a camera, a pen, a rock, other people, physical bodies—all seem so physical to us, but they are actually not. If you followed Enlightenment II’s, Emptiness lesson, you will have a sense of how seemingly physical appearances are actually empty appearances.

Physical reality seems solid to us. It seems physical. It seems dense. It seems like it is made out of matter, out of physical molecules. But what are those physical molecules made of? They are made out of physical atoms, which we know are not really physical; they are actually more non-physical. And what are atoms made of? Subatomic particles, quarks… and so on. The list goes on; there is no end to the diversification, to the non-physicality of energy inside of seemingly physical material.

So, what seems physical to us, what seems solid to us, is nothing but Love-Light at a certain vibration. In a sense, we could say that, having “crossed its own path” so many times, it has seemingly become dense and physical.

The Spider Web Analogy

The analogy I often use for this is a little hard to explain. It is a very abstract intuitive concept. Love-Light crosses its own vibratory path, its own pathway, its own pattern, until it starts to sort of “stack up on top of itself,” by meeting itself, intersecting and intersecting, until that nodal point of non-physical energy starts to appear physical.

One way you can imagine this is using the analogy of a spider web. Let’s say a spider is making its web. The web itself represents a non-physical, single vibration. A single string of its web represents a single vibration of Love-Light. This is a non-physical vibration, a purely energetic vibration; in a sense, it is like your Wifi. It is an energetic non-physical vibration.

As the spider creates its web, at some point it has to cross its own path. This means the same wavelength, the same pattern of energy, the same vibration of Love-Light starts to cross its own path. Now, imagine the spider is a little delirious and is not quite aligned. In this analogy, it would start to cross its own path over and over and over and over again in the same spot—let’s say in the center of the web. It completes the web, but then it starts to cross its own path, cross its own path, cross its own path, in the same location.

What started as a single intersection has now become a “nodal point.” It has become a “cloth” of sorts, where the single vibration of that web—the non-physical energy—has been so condensed, that it is now sort of tight. It can no longer vibrate as fast and freely as it wants to because it is surrounded by itself. It is condensed by itself. It is caught in its own web, in a sense.

Physical reality is non-physical vibratory energy. It is Love-Light energy in a vibratory pattern that keeps repeating itself (or crossing its own path) until it becomes seemingly dense and physical and slow. That is how it becomes visible to our physical eyes. Because physical reality is slow, we don’t see the fast vibrations. We only see what has been condensed; what has crossed its path over and over again.

Now, we can expand that window of Consciousness and start to perceive more non-physical energy. For the purpose of this analogy, all I want you to realize is that even physicality is nothing but Love-Light in a particular vibratory pattern.

As with any realization I share, it doesn’t really help you. Well, it helps you a little bit to have a clear understanding and a clear vision of how things work. Analogies can definitely help things sink in to your being, so you become more convinced of what I’m sharing about how light actually works energetically. However, direct experience is always the most palpable and transformative method.


The homework for this lesson is to sit down, meditative style, for 15 minutes and focus on physicality. Pick an object: a rock, a room, a door in your room. You can pick your own body. It doesn’t matter. Focus on or imagine that physicality. Relax your mind, take a deep breath, then exhale. Give away all distractions for a moment.

Now start seeing physicality itself—say, the door to your room—as being made out of light, or Love-Light. Imagine it somehow, in a way that works for your particular make-up, your particular belief system, your brain, if you will. It could be an analogy or a visualization. I cannot really share any ideas about it with you, because there are infinite variations and you have to come up with the one that is most natural to you, because that one will be the most effective.

Whatever your imagination comes up with is perfectly aligned to transform your belief systems and expand your perceptions. So, tune into yourself and imagine, in whatever way you can, using whatever “permission slips” or analogies you need to, in order to get a sense of how that physical door, or that physical rock, or your physical body, or the universe at large, or planet Earth is made out of light. How it is light in condensed form.

It is just like ice. When we look at ice, it’s hard to imagine that it is actually steam, right? We wouldn’t really say, “Oh, a block of ice. I can’t see that as steam because it is very solid, it is very physical. I can’t see the water inside of it.” But actually, you can.

Ice is simply condensed steam—steam that has tightened its pathway and crossed its own path over and over and over again until it has eventually become this solid block of ice. Its molecules have slowed down their vibratory state, in this analogy, to the point where steam becomes ice. Now when you look at a piece of ice, it is initially kind of hard to imagine that it is actually, in essence, steam—just like water.

So, imagine that physicality (molecules being clumped together and forming say, what we call a door, and emitting or reflecting certain types of colors) is actually itself made out of light vibration.

In whatever way works for you, start tapping into the experience that physicality is actually light vibrating at a certain frequency that is undetectable to most of us, but that is actually condensed and has lowered its vibration. Light has lowered its vibration to the point where it has become seemingly static material. But even inside of the seemingly static material, there are still vibrations moving at a slower pace than pure non-physical energy or pure Love-Light. You can start to see, feel, and experience objects as being Love-Light energy in a particular vibratory frequency state.

Try to somehow get a glimpse of this. I understand that it might seem difficult, but simply remove the thought, “It is difficult,” from your mindset. Open yourself up to the idea that everything is made out of Love-Light and that you’re living in this fairytale magical projection of Consciousness, this Emptiness creation, this Unconditional Love-Light creation, and just be in that state.

Suddenly, it becomes easier to accept the fact that matter is actually made out of light. You can start to notice it, feel it, recognize it, and experience it. You can even tap into it and communicate with the light that has formed itself as an object.

If this is not entirely clear to you, I encourage you to share your results and your challenges in the study group. Other people can share the analogies and visualizations that worked for them. They can share whatever they imagined that allowed them to get a real sense of the fact that matter is actually Love-Light in vibration.

I really encourage you, especially for this lesson, to share your challenges and anything else concerning your desire to further refine your sense of knowing that everything is Love-Light in vibration. I encourage you to share with your fellow adepts in the community study group your results of this exercise, your observations of this exercise, and any questions you had during this exercise.

So, enjoy that, and maybe listen to the recording or read this text once more before you start the next lesson. Believe in your ability to utilize your Consciousness to experience vibration, to experience Love-Light more and more. Imagination is key. Imagination will tune you into whatever it is you wish to realize. Use your imagination creatively, in a way that allows you to channel the feeling that all of physicality is made out of Love-Light energy in vibration.

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