Lesson 1 – Un-mix your Frequencies

Hey guys—welcome back. This lesson is titled, “Unmix your Frequency.” I start out with this lesson in this particular course because it is one of the balances to understand before we really proceed into overpowering, or overwhelming, our experience with our chosen frequency.

Oftentimes, we might have a desire, we might have an inspiration, we might think one thing but actually believe another. And so, it is very important to recognize within yourself when there is an energetic contradiction; when there are mixed frequencies.

Let´s say, for example (this is a very common example), that a lot people think they desire financial wealth. They want a lot of money in their life. They might have a thought that can either be inspired from a lack of money or from believing they are lacking something. Money would enable them to use more of their free will; would enable them to get what they want, to do what they want when they want to do it, more freely.

This might be inspired from life’s experiences and underlying lack beliefs, or from the discomfort created from seemingly not having enough money to do what one wants to do. But it can also be inspired by a grand vision that you have—something you want to get going on, something you want funding for. It doesn’t matter. Either way, it is fine. Either way, it is ultimately pure because it springs from your experience of life.

You are shooting this desire into your Higher Mind; you are letting it know. You are vibrating with this new passion, this Day One intention, this desire. That’s great! It is a new frequency. It has relevance to where you want to go; it has relevance to who you really are and how you wish to expand. So, there is no judgement on it from any angle.

Mixed Frequencies and the Law of Attraction

Let´s say you have the desire or thought, “I desire more money in my life.“ That desire, or thought, is activating the Law of Attraction. If that is what is stated, if that is your statement to yourself—if that is your understanding, your belief, your thought, your visualization—then most definitely you are in the process of attracting more of that into your experience. Because what you put out is indeed what you will start to see back—more and more. It is the Law of Attraction.

What is important to understand though, is that many times we might think we want this or that, but it is not truly relevant for us. This creates a contradicting vibration. But in most cases, a contradicting vibration is not caused because something is not truly relevant for us. More often, it is coming from a personal bias. I might think I want a lot of money, but I might have a belief that suggests I am unworthy of it or that I am not going to be a “pure spiritual teacher” anymore if I have a lot of money, for example (obviously, apply this to your own life).

You may have a desire for wealth, and you are practicing that, you are creating that, you are attracting that to yourself. But consistently, you are not really letting much flow. You are not allowing the abundance of freedom or free will into your life, where you have the means to move as you wish to move, to do what you want to do, and to go where you want to go when you want to go, or when it feels the most relevant and resonant to do so. You may seem to be consistently blocked in moving with the freedom of your life because of financial non-wealth, for example, even though you think or visualize or intend for wealth to come your way.

If this is the case, then you have to discover what the underlying belief or mixed frequency or contradicting vibration is—you need to discover what it is that does not fully allow you to become a vibrational match to the experience of, “I am wealthy. I am free. I am abundant, and I can do whatever I want (of course, with integrity). I can do whatever I truly desire, to the best of my ability, in total freedom. I am abundantly supported to do so.”

If you are not yet a full vibrational match to that belief, to that understanding, to that vision of yourself, then simply raise your frequency and embody more of that image by visualizing what it would be like to have financial freedom. Visualize what it would be like to have abundance and support in terms of going where you want to go, when you want to go there; doing what you want to do, when you want to do it; being who you want to be, when you want to be that, and so on.

Discovering Hidden Negative Beliefs

When you raise your frequency, when you start matching that visualization, that higher vibration will naturally point you to your contractions about that same vision. It will naturally show you when a little doubt rears its ugly head, so to speak. You will notice when it shows up, when it springs out of the ground from your unconscious into your conscious mind.

This happens because you are forcing it out. You are forcing it out with the vision of what you truly think you want—at least with what you think you want. Whether you truly want it or not will be disclosed in time, as you go through that vibrational upgrade. But for now, all you know is that this is what you think you want; this is what you are inspired to attract to yourself.

And so, that vibration will force out all of the negative beliefs surrounding that vision. These beliefs are unconscious at this point, but they will be forced to the surface. So, envision what it is you desire, and the grandness of that vision will then push out the contrary vibrations, thoughts and beliefs. They will be made known to you; they will be felt by you. Then, you have a chance to transform them—to look at them and choose again; to see if they are true or not; to determine if they are still sensible or logical to you.

If these limiting beliefs are still logical to you, then you will probably need to upgrade your vibration first, in order to be able to see that, “Hey, no… I am supported. I am a valid part of Creation and I have access to All That There Is. There is no limitation; there is only abundance, and I can shift into parallel realities. I am supported by the Love and Light of the One Infinite Creator, and I am called into being for this desire. I can achieve this realization because it is already in my field; otherwise, I would not feel such a passion towards it.”

In this way, you can coax your negative beliefs to open up, and to dissolve themselves in the light of understanding that it is, indeed, in full alignment for you to attract this particular reality. But you see, you have to unmix your frequencies first. Otherwise, you will keep thinking about the abundance of one thing, or about the attraction or presence of one thing, while simultaneously feeling the lack of that one thing.

Desires that Spring from a Lack Belief

The most common example of this is when we think we want something, but we actually believe it is already lacking. Since a lot of our desires are inspired from a lack of what we desire, we then desire it even more… but we come at that new vision with a skepticism, a vibrational skepticism. We come from the place and the parallel reality where that which we desire is not present. Because, in most cases, this is what sparked the desire to begin with—the desire for more abundance or financial freedom or wealth, for example.

The belief in lack comes from looking at your bank statement, and thinking, “Man, I wish I had more money so I could make this trip, or go to Bentinho’s retreat, or go to this or go to that…” And so, out of the seeming lack of financial wealth, out of the seeming lack of financial abundance and the freedom to move around as you please, you will generate a stronger desire. Every time you feel the lack of your present circumstances, you start craving and desiring and intending for more and more money. (This is just one very common example; apply it to whatever it is you desire.)

That thought, before it gets filtered with lack, is essentially a positive attracting thought, just as everything is activating the Law of Attraction when thought of, when felt, when inspired, when intended, when willed into being. When presented to Creation, a thought starts attracting that reality or something commensurate to it; something representative of that vibrational level.

If there is a seeming lack of money, a defined lack of money, and your feeling is, “I am stuck in my present circumstances because of lack of money; therefore, I cannot move. But I want to move to this location instead; I want to go to this event or that retreat or this vacation….“ then you will spark, or amplify, the desire for more financial wealth, because you believe that is what you need to do, which is fine. It is a fine belief. It makes sense from some points of view that you need certain things to do certain other things. It is not the absolute truth by any means, but I understand.

That is the positive aspect—the desire is sparked. The intention is sparked, and that is one frequency. But since so often it is sparked from a seeming lack of what we desire, we actually bring with us the assumption that things cannot really change that quickly, or that things cannot really come to us in this way, or that it has been the case otherwise for ten years.

“I have been lacking money for ten years,” might be a belief system. Or, “I have never really had that. I don’t even know what it would feel like to be able to do that—to go wherever I want to go and to do whatever I want to do. It is not even in my mindset. I am not even thinking, ‘Hey what do I want to do next week or the week after? Where would I like to be? Would I like to be in this city? Would I like to be in the countryside or would I like to be on that tropical island?’” We don’t really think in terms of, “I can create and attract whatever I want,” anymore because we have become so entrenched in the vibration of things moving slowly; in terms of, “You need this in order to do that.”

We have a lot of lack beliefs around, for example, “financial abundance,” which really is just a permission slip for being able to do what you want to do; to move around as you want to move around on this planet. Notice in your own life that a lot of your desires are sparked the moment you feel you are lacking freedom. You are lacking a certain kind of freedom and you think that in order to fully feel an experience of that freedom within the expression of this 3D realm—of this illusion, of this world—you need certain things.

Again, this is all fine; this is not the obstacle to actually attracting what you want. Thinking, “I want money,“ or visualizing, “I want the freedom to move around this planet and financial abundance to flow to me,“ are beautiful desires and visualizations, and they are absolutely possible for every human being that intends them and visualizes them and desires them. The Law of Attraction is attracting to you what you want, right now. The obstacle comes in when you have a mixed vibratory pattern underneath it—a mixed vibratory pattern that is quite palpable; a belief that you cannot really achieve it, or you are not worthy of it, or that if it does manifest, you will become a bad person or stand out in a negative way to everybody else, and so on.

So, unmix your frequencies before you start to overpower, or overwhelm, your circumstances with your chosen preference. Start practicing becoming blind to circumstances for the sake of being soaked in the vibration and the confidence of your chosen reality—even when physical reality does not yet reflect this circumstantially. (I will teach more about this in the next few lessons.)

In order for this to happen, we need to be okay with the things we are inspired to create. We need to believe we are worthy of our highest inspiration. We need to understand that, if we are truly inspired in a certain direction, it is only because our Higher Mind agrees to give us that inspiration. Therefore, it is already part of our creation, and we are totally capable of achieving it.

We have to get to the core of our misbeliefs, of our negative definitions, and resolve them to where we feel completely, holistically aligned when we get a vision, such as the vision of financial abundance, for example. When we think, “Hey, I would love the freedom to move around this planet however I please and stay wherever I want to stay,“ it needs to feel totally good. It needs to feel like a vibrational yes. It cannot feel like, “Oh, that would be great, but I don’t think it’s going to happen at any time soon,“ or “I need to start two companies before I can do that,“ or “Some people are just luckier than I am,“ or “I just don’t have the money and I need to spend my time doing this and this and this…“

If you are thinking one thing, but you are really feeling the lack of that thing you are intending into creation, you are not going to be able to—in most cases, 99% of the time—allow yourself to fully enjoy that new reality. It is not going to show up for you because of those mixed frequencies. You might want one thing, but you might also believe something that contradicts the achievement of it. This is what you need to look at within yourself.

Exercise: Examine Your Mixed Frequencies

The best way to do this is to make a list that has two sides. On one side, write down everything you have the highest access to, in terms of what you desire. On the other side, you write down all of the limiting beliefs and doubts that come up when you think of your highest vision—your highest version of yourself with the greatest amount of freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do so (of course, this is with integrity and alignment to your spirit and service to others).

So, tune into your highest desire and write down this vision of yourself, with all of these aspects. For example:

  • I want the freedom and the finances to move around, to be able to book a flight to wherever I want to go.
  • I want to be able to go to these events.
  • I want to be able to visit my family. I want to be able to bring a couple of friends with me and have that not be a problem.
  • I want financial abundance.
  • I would like this comfortable car to be able to transport me every day.
  • I would like to buy healthier foods that feel more vibrant and in alignment with my being.
  • I would also love to attract a really empowering partner to enjoy this journey with me.

I am just naming very beautiful human/spiritual examples (which are the same thing, really) of what people often desire—some common understandings of everyday lifestyle abundance, freedom, and health—which we obviously all desire for ourselves, and ultimately for everybody else. This includes an overall sense of physical happiness, as well. I am not saying this is not important, so definitely also include it in your capacity to attract it to yourself.

This needs to feel good holistically. You need to feel and know that you are worthy of what you desire, and that it is possible, and even probable, that it will happen for you. You need to feel that if you truly desire it, you already have it. It already belongs to you.

Write down this vision of yourself. As you start visualizing it and writing it down, at the same time you will notice that little doubts come up—or even big doubts. Write down the doubts somewhere else—on a different piece of paper, or elsewhere on the paper, or wherever or however you want to allocate this on your little sketch.

Write down your vision, and also write down whatever doubts come up, so that you make it clear to yourself that you have mixed frequencies. There is no problem in this—it is just the reason that things are not flowing very well when it comes to these particular visions. Now you have a chance to resolve it.

Go back to one of the lessons in Empowerment I, for example, Transforming Limiting Beliefs, or whichever lessons you feel are permission slips and tools to help you transform limiting beliefs and to make you feel and see more clearly what you are capable and worthy of. Review the lessons that remind you that it is okay to receive a lot of freedom and financial abundance to do what you want to do, and to be of service to the greater good in a way that is completely inspiring and passionate for you, and that your theme is tailored towards.

Seeing these doubts gives you an opportunity. I won’t go through the step-by-step process because I have done this many times in different ways in the previous lessons. So, use whichever lessons you resonate with to then apply to these doubts, which you have now made clear to yourself are present.

In this way, you are un-mixing your vibrations. You are clearing out your closet of negative definitions. You are becoming a whole being, so that now, when a grand vision comes to you, you are instantly aligned and vibrant and excited about it. And if a doubt comes up, you see it instantly. You pay attention to it and you resolve it to the best of your ability. This is your practice. And you will get better and better and better at it as you practice it.

More and more you become this constant flow, this empty vessel of inspiration where things can flow through you and be attracted to you—more and more effortlessly so, more and more quickly so, more and more abundantly so, more and more richly so, more and more freely so, more and more healthily so, more and more happily so—for the sake of everyone and everything, through you. Through the inspiration that is you.

You must un-mix your frequencies before you can truly master some of the next lessons. Practice this in your own life, and when you feel you have a handle on how this process works, I will meet you in the next lesson.

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