Lesson 3 – What is Beyond Experiencing?

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This video is titled, “What is Beyond Experiencing,” and the idea is that this is one of the methods to directly realize Infinity for yourself. The way to do this is to realize very succinctly and clearly that what you are searching for is not another experience—at least not “experience” as you know it so far. It is about going to the very edge of experiencing to be in the presence of pure experiencing, and then to realize that what you are looking for is not that.

As you know, many teachings (including my own Enlightenment teaching) teach you to identify first from the I-AM-this, I-AM-this-form, I-AM-this-person and then to I-AM—the stable sense of Presence, the feeling of energy that is Presence itself. From there, you learn to identify with the I itself, which is Awareness or the experiencer, or we could say in a more inseparable way—experiencing itself. You are “the experiencing” of this moment. It is not so much that you are “an experiencer,” but rather that, ultimately, you are the field of all experiencing. Beyond the individual that you are, you are the overall Awareness, which is experiencing.

Visualize a field of pure experiencing—without identity per se and without individuation—within which everything is experienced. And now you are not experiencing, you are not even pure experiencing itself; you are actually beyond pure experiencing.

Spend some time being present to yourself as an experiencer or as experiencing—either one will work, so use whatever feels most real to you. You can either rest in the I-AM-the-Experiencer of all these experiences, or you can rest in the sense of I-AM-pure-Experiencing, pure-Consciousness, pure-Awareness. And then realize that there is an Infinity, an Indescribability, a Source beyond that.

You can hold them simultaneously, too. You can notice that there is the presence of Awareness, and then beyond, around, or within it, is the indescribable question mark of that gap or void. You can notice that there is Awareness happening, but the true core or source from which you are noticing that Awareness is happening, is itself free from the Awareness or beyond the Awareness. So, it can also notice its own infinite nature beyond experiencing.

What is beyond experiencing? In order to realize this, you have to stop experiencing for just a moment—or at least stop being focused upon experiencing. Experiencing can happen, but perhaps for the first time ever, you are not identifying yourself as the experiencer of the experiences. You are not latched onto experiencing them. You are actually wondering, “What is beyond the ability to experience? What is beyond the free agent, the free will which is aware of this moment?”

Anything that starts to be intuited as an infinite gap, or an infinite nothingness or vastness, is where you realize that you cannot go there using Awareness. You can only go there by letting go of Awareness as yourself.


Play around with that threshold and see what happens. Repeat this video a couple of times, and tune into me as I share this with you. Tune into the information and let it be contemplative or meditative, and see what happens.

Don’t seek for any results with this because, remember—results come from you being conditioned to believe you are the experiencer of the experiences, and that is going somewhere, leading somewhere. You see, the Infinite One is already you. It is beyond the you as Awareness, but it is also you; it is already here. As with everything in my teachings, it is always already here—you don’t need to create anything new.

There is no rush, there is no hurry. It has always, already been the case, timelessly so. Before Awareness was born, you were already infinite. So, don’t worry about it. Don’t try to put a feeling to it, per se; don’t try to capture it in a box of experiential nature. Don’t put it in the box of the experiential realm that you are used to. Let it become completely open and detached—detached even from the Awareness that is the perceiver of all experiences—and realize that beyond the experiencer there is nothing but the Infinite One, or non-experiencing. It is beyond perception and non-perception; it is neither perception nor non-perception.


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