Lesson 11 – Service to self vs service to others

Hey friends! Welcome back. I hope you profoundly enjoyed the meditation suggested in the previous lesson.

In this lesson, I want to clarify some fundamental concepts that play a big role in the evolutionary cycle through the densities of a Being. The purpose of this chapter is to give you more context, more clarity, and more of an expanded, deeper, awareness of your relationship to The One. It is to help you understand why you are being who you are being, and what some of the fundamental principles and polarities are that are driving some of your desires—either your desires for yourself or for being of service.

Another purpose of this chapter is to humble you into understanding the beauty and the love of your connection to all the rest of yourself, and to pristinely appreciate and value your ability to be of service to others, knowing that ultimately, it is all yourself.

Positive and Negative Spiritual Polarization

There is a fundamental principle throughout all of the densities (well, all of the densities up to and including a portion of 6th Density) that is very important to understand. It is something that all beings are working with, but that we have, in a way, forgotten in this particular plane or density (as we have forgotten many things). This principle is the concept of, or the understanding of, service-to-self versus service-to-others.

Basically, this distinction forms the spiritual polarity of this Universe, so both options are completely valid ways to express the One Infinite Creator and to reflect different options back to itself.

I hear a cop car siren going off in the distance, which is very appropriate—service-to-others and service-to-self, chasing each other. This is exactly what is happening, even in different densities. I understand that most people believe that beyond this density, “cops and robbers” no longer exist; that everything is peaceful and everything is harmonious. Yes, this is true for those civilizations, or for those collective Consciousnesses, that choose to be service-to-others oriented, and that are not really mingling with, or minding the business of, civilizations other than their own civilization, at that time.

There are definitely many, many hubs, or collective Consciousnesses, or civilizations, or planets even, that are completely oriented towards what our ideals today (as human beings) are­­ oriented towards—service-to-others. In these civilizations, beings are harmoniously integrated with each other, and all there really is between these individual aspects of that overall Consciousness is love, compassion, understanding, telepathic communication, and vibrational understanding. There is no mal-intent, there is no service-to-self intent, in any of the beings.

This does not mean, however, that these beings do not follow their own joy and inspiration. Service-to-others does not mean that, for the sake of other people, we have to sacrifice ourselves to the extent where we don’t do anything that inspires us. In that case, we would not actually be living from a holistic view of what enables us to be of service to others. A being who is empowered in their own journey and inspiration will have much more influence on others; will have much more power to be of service to others.

A being who is imbalanced in the direction of service-to-others will basically destroy their own vehicle. For example, in this particular density of what we call “incarnational experience,” you will see those who have an imbalanced striving towards service-to-others. They become martyrs of some kind. They try to bypass (for a very long time) everything that makes them tick, everything that empowers them, everything that gives them further strength and nourishment. And by doing so, they become martyrs. Ultimately, in some way, they severely detriment their own vehicle, and therefore lessen their ability to be of service to others.

In some cases, they eliminate the bodily vehicle altogether through, say, rash action in service to others. Sometimes this can be very balanced and aligned; it can come from one’s thematic experience. But often, it is an overcompensation for believing that other beings do not have their own journeys and their own Higher Selves that are also taking care of them.

We have to find a really good balance between Love and Wisdom. (I will talk about this a little bit more in a later lesson in this chapter.) We have to understand that, to be of service to others, we need to be in touch with our own inspiration, and feel free enough to act on it. We also need to know that everyone has their own Higher Self.

Making the Choice in 3rd Density

The principle of service-to-others and service-to-self forms the spiritual polarity of this Universe, of these cycles through the densities. In 3rd Density (which, in many ways, is the density of choice), we are given the opportunity to choose. 3rd Density is where beings start to wake up to the fact that they are evolutionary beings—that they are spirit beings, that they are eternal beings—and that they are on an evolutionary journey. They start to realize that they have/are a bigger Being that is on a journey; that they do not exist within just this one expression of a life, with this one single brain.

As soon as beings wake up to the fact that they have choice and that they are on a greater journey, Free Will becomes activated. They start to become less automatic (less like animals, in a way). They become more self-reliant, more self-aware and more independent in their choices.

At this point, people start to create a lot of catalysts for themselves. They squeeze everything into this 3rd Density cycle and put it all out there. So, 3rd Density is a very concentrated, intense time, where we are inspired to choose our orientation (service-to-others or service-to-self). This doesn’t mean we cannot change our orientation later on—we always can—but this is definitely the density of our initial choice. We get to decide whether we feel like being of service to others, or being mostly of service to self, in a very negatively-oriented way (through enslavement, domination, conquest, and so on).

By “service-to-self,” I don’t mean people that like to take a bath every night and enjoy an hour of time by themselves. This is not what I mean by service-to-self. Enjoying oneself is (or can be, depending on how it is used) very much a part service to others in a service-to-others orientation. What I mean by service-to-self are those beings who see the greatest value in enslaving other people or other beings or other creatures or planet Earth. Basically, it is all about gain for the self at the expense of other-selves. That is what I mean by service-to-self.

Obviously, we have seen a lot of service-to-self explorations on this planet in the past few millennia. These types of beings can gather and harness a lot of Free Will—a lot of power, a lot of spiritual power. Therefore, they have a lot of power to manifest and execute. Sometimes service-to-self beings tend to accumulate, or amass, Free Will more quickly than service-to-others beings. It has been very out-of-balance in many ways. Even though there have been more people oriented (or desiring to be oriented) towards service-to-others, there have been some very powerful, service-to-self oriented beings on this planet. It is a mixed orientation planet.

This is all very rapidly resolving itself, as we speak. This is why technology is here; this is why these Academy lessons can be given in this way; this is why we can have this community, for example. There are many other examples in the world of how this is resolving itself.

To have service-to-others and service-to-self beings all bunched together for millennia, within a single collective Consciousness, is highly disruptive and catalytic. It is also highly potent and beneficial for the expansion and waking up of the One Infinite Creator to itself, in the form of a collective Consciousness we call “humanity” on planet Earth. We have been thrown into a “pot of soup” together—a lot of service-to-self and a lot of service-to-others beings—and we have been working through this conflict, trying to find resolution, for ages. But there are always these conflicting intentions.

As I said, the whole polarity of planet Earth has shifted toward the positive orientation. Negatively-oriented beings will no longer be able to sustain themselves within this dimensional growth of our civilization and planet. So their time here is very, very limited. That is why, especially now, you may see some powerful outbursts of negativity. It is kind of like cornering a cat—you know it is going to fight back rapidly, and it knows that its days are coming to an end.

When you open your eyes, when you open your inner eye, and look at planet Earth, you can see that we are awakening to a very harmonious civilization that is service-to-others oriented. And again, service-to-others includes one’s own excitement and inspiration. The attitude is not, “I need to take something away from someone else to be able to manifest or empower myself in some way.” Instead it is more like, “I can give to myself and empower myself through being of service to other beings.”

Polarization and the Amassing of Free Will

I want you to check in with yourself and see what your orientation in life is at this point. I am very much assuming you are service-to-others oriented. But by checking in with yourself, you can purify yourself even more in the direction of service to others. Why am I even suggesting this? I am suggesting this both from the selfless point of view of being able to actually establish the planet we desire as a species, but also, there are some personal “perks and bonuses” for you as a Soul on a journey.

Polarization in the direction of either service-to-self or service-to-others is actually the amassing of Free Will. We are gaining (or regaining) our Free Will—you could also call it spiritual power or spiritual awareness—and it is amplifying and accelerating and charging up our journey, which expands beyond this particular life.

You have the opportunity to use this life in very polarizing way (this does not mean in a separating way), by charging yourself in a certain direction; by committing to and choosing to be devoted to being of service to your fellow human beings and to this planet; by choosing to be even more devoted, even more polarized in the positive direction, without blaming or judging the negative polarization. By being so passionate about this, you are charging yourself in the direction of service-to-others. You are checking in with yourself frequently, asking how you could be more efficiently of service—both by including your own nourishment and inspiration, and also offering it to other people in the best possible way, without infringing upon their Free Will.

There are many subtle nuances and balances that you will enjoy learning more about in your real-life, immediate experience with polarizing yourself, which means charging or amplifying or accelerating yourself in the polarity, or in the direction of, service-to-others. Polarizing yourself will bring you a lot of power and momentum.

Eventually, in mid-6th Density, everything comes together as Unity, Love, and Light, and service-to-others is all there is. At that point, it is seen to be “service-to-all,” because there is no separation. The attitude in mid-6th Density is much more like the human attitude of service-to-others than it is like the attitude of service-to-self—but it is seen to be service-to-all.

Right now, what is relevant is for us to inspire ourselves; to see how we can transcend our own “personal bubbles” and be inspired to change the world; to see how we can contribute and offer new reflections, through following our own joy and excitement and inspiration, to the best of our ability.

You might ask, “How can I offer that? How can I share this love and service with other beings?” When you polarize and charge yourself in this way and in this direction, you will gather and harness the eternal, ancient powers of your Free Will—you will regain it. You will become more as your Higher Mind is, and you will therefore gain more potency and capacity to alter your experience of life—both internally, as well as externally in the space-time illusion. You will gain more spiritual power—not over others, but simply from your increased connection and charge and polarization and devotion to being of service to the One Infinite Creator, in the form of being of service to other-selves.

I often call other-selves “the rest of yourself.” By being of service to “the rest of yourself,” you are literally activating a process of self-transcendence, in which you become more than just your own bubble. You start thinking beyond the bubble, and you begin to penetrate the first stages, or levels, of what I call Shepherding Consciousness. (I will discuss more about Shepherding Consciousness in the graduation course.)

So, polarize yourself! This may sound weird, because “polarization” is often understood to mean separation or choosing sides. And, in a way, that is what I’m suggesting—I’m suggesting you choose sides, but to forget about the other side. It is not about which side is better—it is about devoting yourself to the principle: “I want to be of service to others.” It is about understanding that there are many ancient energetics at play when it comes to the universal polarity of service-to-others versus service-to-self.

When you tap into the devotion and the choice to be of service to others, you will tap into very, very profound energetic archetypes that make up the evolutionary cycles. These energetic archetypes are very determining in the evolutionary process of going through these densities. You will accelerate your journey, and you will increase the speed and probability with which you will transform into the New Earth—because the New Earth will be positively-oriented, meaning it will be service-to-others oriented.

In order to increase your participation in that new reality—and to help humanity reach it faster and more efficiently and harmoniously—we all need to devote ourselves to service-to-others, with the inclusion of the balanced wisdom view of nourishing oneself (more on this a little bit later).

Thank you very much.


The homework for this lesson is to “see it, feel it, and be it.” Many of us do not have a very clear image of what it is like to be of service to others. Or, if there is an image of it, it is very distorted by what humanity has painted it to be.

Very much like the previous lesson, I want you to come to a calm state. You can repeat the end of the previous video if you want to, just to enter that state again. Take a few deep breaths, relax, breathe out slowly… and recognize the peace that is already here, the perfection that is already here, the Creator-ness that is already here, the Presence and the Awareness that is already here.

From that space, I want you to ask for the highest vision, from your Higher Mind, as to what your theme looks like, and to what extent is it part of your theme to be actively devoting yourself to service-to-others. Visualize how this can increase, not decrease, your joy. Some people think that, in order to be of service to others, they need to sacrifice themselves. This is not true at all—it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Visualize a possibility in which you are empowering yourself to be of service to others more profoundly, by becoming more self-transcendent and thinking about the whole instead of yourself. See how much joy you could derive from that; how much freedom. See how much of a sense of immortality and self transcendence, as well as a sense of not being afraid anymore, you could gain by becoming an ideal, by becoming a vision, instead of being a separate human being with some fun ideas that are not really being acting upon.

What would it be like to become the vision of service-to-others? What would it be like to become the new vision of planet Earth? How are you inspired to channel that in unique, peaceful, beautiful, harmonious, empowering, and inspiring ways? See this. Open this up and ask yourself the right questions. I trust that you know which questions to ask—I just gave a few examples.

Here are a few more examples: “What would it be like if…? What would it look and feel like to be this way? How could it be very empowering for me to be of service to others and devote myself to a more self-transcending ideal?” Ask yourself those types of questions. Let them marinate. Let the visions come and then feel them. What would it really be like to be there?

Then you will start feeling these possibilities. As you feel them, they will alter your vibrational field—they will activate the Law of Attraction, and you will immediately transcend your personal bubble. You will begin to feel the immortality of your Soul; you will feel as if you are here to write a book using your life as an example. I don’t mean physically write a book, per se, but “write a book”—leave a testament, leave an example by living your life.

As you are feeling this and it is activating itself; as these opportunities are now attracted to you, you will be faced with the Day Two challenges of your old relationships, your old ideas, and your old realities coming back at you. Don’t be afraid! Keep committing yourself to a higher ideal, a more self-transcending vision for all—that of being of service. Commit yourself, devote yourself, and find power in that.

As you are feeling this more and more, and the energy becomes part of you, you are inevitably becoming it. You are being it; you are executing it; you start behaving as it. Your beliefs start aligning themselves with that vision. And, before you know it, you can never go back to feeling like a separate, personal self that is lacking something, because now you have become the vision. You have become so connected—you have become like God; you have become of service. You have become self-transcendent, and this is when the shepherding stage really takes off. (Again, I will speak more about this in the graduation course.)

Be humbled by this chapter, but also empowered and inspired. Realize that your true power lies in the humility of transcending your personal bubble. I want you to realize this before we proceed with Empowerment III—so do your homework.

Thank you.

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