Lesson 11 – Events occur only by free will

Hey Guys! Welcome to There Is Only Free Will.

If you remember the origin story of Creation as I laid it out in the previous few lessons, you will remember that in the timeless beginning, before anything began whatsoever, and simultaneous to now, there is only Infinite Unity, the Infinite One—beyond experiencing; indescribable.

We will go further into this experientially, or in a sense, you could say “non-experientially,” in the Infinity Teaching. However, for the purpose of this Empowerment course or for self-actualization, you need to have this as a contextual background understanding of where things come from—what is the Original Unity, what is the Original One.

If you remember, originally speaking, there is only Infinity. Being completely undefined and having no awareness of itself, Infinity desired, out of all of its infinite possibilities, to generate awareness of itself. It wanted to generate experience and expression of itself, so it generated free agency. Not energy, but the freedom of free agency itself. This is synonymous with “Awareness” or with “you.”

Fundamentally speaking, if you tie it all the way back to its most original state, the Awareness that is here right now is actually complete—complete, pure free will. And even now, in the form of it reading these words in your very condensed, physical experience, it still is free will. What you fundamentally are is this free agency. It is free will. It is the Infinite One’s ultimate free agent. That is what you are; that is what Awareness is.

Now, why is it important to be open to, or to accept the understanding, at least to some extent, of the universal law of free will? Because this is the only way for you to lead yourself fully into empowerment; fully from the victim state into the empowered state, from the sheep-like state into the Creator-like state. It is the only way to completely experientially and energetically bridge the gap between you and the Creator itself and to once again remember what you truly are; to start to become the embodiment of who and what you truly are.

In my experience with myself and with many people from all types of spiritual paths, including spiritual paths that absolutely believe there is no free will whatsoever, I have found there is no sound, reliable way to completely empower yourself without understanding this principle of free agency, without accepting that free agency is a fact.

You can gain a lot of clarity. You can gain a lot of Self-Realization, meaning you can start to realize a lot about the changelessness of Awareness and the state of Oneness. But if you still believe in the idea that you do not have, or you are not, free will or free agency or free Awareness, then there will always remain this energetic distancing between yourself and what occurs, between yourself and the Creator, between yourself and Consciousness, between yourself and God, between yourself and Creation or Life itself.

I’ve never met anyone who believed there was no free will, who also did not have energetic distortions that prevented them from fully accessing the truth and freedom of who they really are. So, it is relatively important that you are at least open to exploring and becoming a believer, or rather an experiencer, of the fact that you are free will itself.

Many Levels of Free Will

Having shared that, let’s get into some of the details. There are many different levels of free will. Here is where the confusion begins with regard to the “no free will” versus “free will” conversation. I will briefly get into this because it is such a prominent discussion in these philosophical and spiritual realms. Let’s just get this out of the way real quick so that we can get to what really matters in your every day life.

So—free will or no free will? Absolutely speaking, there is free will—total free will. This is my experience, this is my expression, and I will tell you why.

I was one of those believers in no free will for a while. I was one of those experiencers of no free will for a while. I experienced myself as pure Awareness, and everything that occurred was simply happening as an appearance, as an effortless appearance, inside of my Awareness. That was my Self-Realized, Enlightened experience for quite a while.

I experienced myself as not being the “doer,” as not being the chooser, as not being free will. It was all experienced as: “Everything just happens to me or through me, effortlessly and with no doership, with no chooser.” This seemed, at the time, very convincing. It seemed very convincing because I kept reasserting that same point of view, that same definition. Unbeknownst to myself, I was actually generating—out of my own free will—the state of being that experiences no free will! There is such paradox, such power in free will to generate things that are not actually true, but then make them experientially real.

I was generating the state of being that experiences no free will because I kept repeating the same thing I heard from many other spiritual teachers and Self-Realized gurus—that there is no free will, that there is no doership, that there is no chooser. It is the idea that things just appear and disappear all by themselves, without me being a part of that process whatsoever; with me just being the observer of it. I was repeating that point of view—and it is just a point of view.

That it is one way of seeing life. There are many people who don’t see it that way, yet who also have a valid experience. If we believe there is no free will, we have to admit, first of all, that this is a perception; that this is a perspective; that this is a point of view of Existence. It is a lens, a filter through which we see. It is a definition we have. It is a statement: “There is no free will.” The statement is followed by a way of seeing life; a way of experiencing and tasting life.

If you keep repeating to yourself, as I did, that there is no doer, there is no free will, then you can gain clarity and liberation from feeling caught up inside the separate sense of being the doer. Many people who are not really awakened or spirituality-oriented are caught up in this—in the sense of stressful doership. Hence, spirituality or Self-Realization teaches that there is no doership so people can eliminate that sense of stress and start to actually relax out of the condensed, contracted sense of self.

In this way, the perspective “there is no doer, there is no free will” is helpful for a little while. It is helpful because it relaxes the tension, the identification with the individuated doer. It allows you to rest as Awareness very effortlessly and start to see through your defined filters. You start to experience life as simply a show, a fireworks display of appearances coming and going, coming and going. If you emphasize the fact that appearances are simply coming and going, you can have the experience that you are not really doing any of it; it is just sort of happening outside of your control.

This is a very liberating realization for many people because it lets them off the hook. It allows them to simply rest and not have to worry about what happens, because they can’t change it anyway. However, there is a limitation inherent in this perspective, which is that it is a perspective, and not a universal law or truth. It is not the way reality actually works, so therein lies its limitation.

Due to free will, we can choose whatever perspective we wish to continuously repeat. The more often we repeat a certain perspective, the more real it will become to us, the more vivid it will become for us, the more experiential it will become for us. If we keep repeating the statement: “I am not the doer, I am not the chooser; things are happening outside of my control, I can’t do anything about it anyway. Life just happens,” then we can start to experience life in that way and experience both the benefits and the limitations inherent in that perspective.

Why does that perspective feel good? If you will remember, when your perspective is in alignment with the Creator, with Creation, with the fundamental laws of Existence, it starts to feel good. When your perspective is out of alignment and does not compute with these laws, it starts to feel bad. So, why does it feel good for many people to believe that things just happen and that they are not the doer? It is not because the statement “I am not the doer” is true. It is because one of the other assumptions that comes with that is true, which is: “I can relax. Everything is fine the way it is. Everything happens the way it happens and that is all right.”

The stressful sense, “I need to make things work in a certain way,” does not compute with Creation. When you relax out of that, you suddenly feel you are computing more and more with Existence; it starts to feel peaceful and in alignment with the belief, “You’re not the doer; there is no free will.” This happens because you are not preoccupied, you are not overly stress-oriented trying to make things work a certain way, which goes against the energetic flow of Creation itself.

Believing you are a doer, in the stressful sense, is out of alignment. But believing you are not a doer, even though it feels better for most people, still does not feel perfect. That is because it is not completely true. It is not in alignment with one of the most fundamental principles of all of Creation—the principle of free agency.

We want the relaxation that comes with believing that life just happens and it’s all good. But we want to combine that with true understanding, with the fact that we actually choose our state of being and our perspective, and that through choosing our perspectives of life, as well as our state of being, we actually impact the way things flow through us, the way things “just seem to happen.”

We do not use our physical bodies to make things happen. Well, we do to an extent, but what I’m saying is that appearances just appear. They seem to just come and go; they seem to take care of themselves. In other words, we do not create our reality using the physical body. In fact, the physical body is part of the creation we have created; part of the environment we have created. It is inseparable from the rest of our environment, which we have created this moment, out of choosing our state of being, previously.

So you see, there is always free will. You can choose to believe in a certain belief, and that belief can start to seem very, very real the more you repeat it, because it becomes experiential. But just because something becomes experiential, doesn’t make the underlying belief or perspective absolutely true or absolutely in alignment.

Awareness Itself is Free Will

Free will is honored throughout all layers, or levels, of Consciousness. In other words, Consciousness itself is the free agent, Awareness itself is free will. Within its own ultimate free agency, within its own ultimate state of Consciousness or Awareness, are generated many, many different levels of Consciousness. Infinite levels in fact—each with its own purpose, each with its own sense of self and sense of individuation of the All-That-Is Consciousness.

Each level has its own way of expressing free will; has its own degree of free will. For example, let’s say there are two types of Consciousness within each of us. There are many, many more, but let’s just keep it simple for this analogy and say there is the lower self, or the physical mind, and there is the Higher Self, or the non-physical mind. These, we could say, are two different levels of Consciousness that directly apply to our everyday experience. Right now, you are experiencing from both levels. You may not experience fully the Higher Self level, but that’s OK. You nevertheless use that level to co-create your everyday life experiences.

There is free will on both levels, but there are different applications of this free will. Hence, confusion can come in because it may seem like we don’t have free will, for example: “I cannot just move a mountain; (or so we believe) therefore, free will must be an illusion. I cannot create my reality in that way.” But we have to understand that, from this level of Consciousness—the physical-mind-based, here-and-now-based consciousness—we can only do so much in terms of free will. Our free will applies to a different area of relevance, shall we say.

For example, your lower self, or your physical-mind-based sense of self—that which is probably feeling right now like it is looking at a computer screen, that sense of you being right here, being a physical being, or at least a physically-focused being—has the free will to choose how it will respond to life, what perspective it will believe in, and what perspective it will not believe in.

It is entirely, 100% up to you. You can believe in no free will, you can believe in free will, you can believe in all kinds of things—and you will make these things experiential for yourself the more you choose to believe in that perspective. You have complete control, whether you remember this or not. That is why this course is here—to help you remember and master this; to master your state of being, to choose consciously. You have complete conscious control over your state of being, over which perspective you wish to adopt in this moment, about this moment.

How do you wish to respond to this moment, using your vibrational attitudes, your state of being, your way of seeing yourself and life? It is entirely up to you.

What Generates Your Experiences?

What is it that creates the painting of the life that you perceive, of the environment that you perceive? It is not created from the physical-mind-based point of view, because it is not relevant for the physical-mind-based point of view to have that type of control. This creating is, in a sense, delegated to your Higher Self consciousness, or Higher Mind consciousness.

The Higher Mind, or the non-physical mind’s Consciousness, is what generates experiences. It is what generates the way the wall in front of you looks, or the way the street that you are walking on right now looks, or the people you meet. These are all created out of your non-physical mind’s energy.

From the physical mind point of view, you can only give suggestions; you can only give hints to your reality. You can only choose to be in a certain vibratory state of being so that you will be most likely to attract physical manifestations that correspond to, or reflect, that state of being. Seemingly, you do not have free will over your environment. Yet, you do—from another level of Consciousness; from that higher, non-physical mind’s point of view, or Consciousness, which is also you. It is also a part of your I-AM Consciousness.

As you proceed through this course, you will experience this more and more, and it will become more your conscious experiential experience. You create different types of things from different levels, depending on what is relevant for that level to have free will over. Nevertheless, there is no absence of free will at any given moment whatsoever; in any creation of your life, ever. It is all orchestrated by free will. It is all with the consent of your overall being, or your overall consciousness.

You Have Chosen Every Experience in Your Life

This is where we get to the nitty-gritty, practical, relevant stuff, which is that every single thing that has happened in your life was out of free will. This is what sometimes trips people up a little bit. It makes them angry or frustrated when I say that because they think, “How could I have chosen to be raped in my past? How could I have chosen to create all those starving kids in Africa? How could I have chosen to create a fall last week that prevented me from going on my skiing vacation?”

We tend to turn this into self-blame, and therefore, since we don’t want to have the experience of self-blame, we tend to get angry at the messenger, or at the message. The message in this case is this:

You have chosen every single experience you have ever had, and you will continue to choose every single experience you will ever have. There will not be a single experience you will ever have that will somehow be orchestrated by someone else, or by some other type of Consciousness that is not you. You have complete control over your life and over what happens to you all the time.

Things happen only by free will because that is how Infinity has structured its Existence. It has given Existence the gift of free will, one of its most fundamental laws. In fact, free will is the first creation. The first creation is free Awareness, free agency, free will, and all else is founded upon this principle.

Your level of consciousness at this stage might be much less aware of the overall picture than the highest level of Awareness, which we could say is the All-That-Is Consciousness—awareness of everything that exists, all at once, right here, right now. You are not aware of everything that exists, all at once, here and now because it is not relevant for your particular individuation’s theme to explore.

Nevertheless, just know that there are different levels of Consciousness. From one level of Consciousness it may seem like there is no free will; that some things are given to you by “something else.” Please know that the “something else” that has given you that experience is also you on another vibratory level of Consciousness. In fact, it gives most of the things that are given to you.

This doesn’t include everything though. Some of it comes from your own personal unconscious mind and beliefs—that is why you keep generating things that don’t seem to work for you, that don’t seem very pleasant, that don’t seem very abundant, that don’t seem very beneficial. But actually they are beneficial, because that’s how you wake up to becoming, once again, a co-creator of beneficial, abundant experiences.

We could say, from the lower mind’s point of view, that you generate things that are not in your best interest. However, from a higher point of view, they are in your best interest because they lead you to the higher point of view. From the lower level point of view, they may not seem relevant to you, they may not seem pleasant to you, they may not seem to be what you desire—precisely because you have these unconscious ideas and you don’t realize the full extent of your Consciousness. Nevertheless, most of the experiences that are given to you are actually directly given to you by your non-physical Higher Self’s Consciousness.

Here is a statement I want you to digest and absorb and make yours, even if you have frustration towards it, even if you don’t fully believe it yet. I want you to sit with this:

Everything that happens in your experience is (a) benign in nature, or in your best interest, and (b) created out of a level of your very own I-AM Soul Consciousness.

Nothing happens against your will, and everything that happens is generated not only by your own free will on some level of your Consciousness, but also out of the highest wisdom for what is actually best for you. You cannot fully feel empowered, you cannot fully feel free, you cannot feel fully supported and safe in this universe if you don’t understand that this universe is created by you. Everything that is created for you is created by you from a very wise level of your Consciousness.

The Need to Transform Your Beliefs

Except for the stumbling moments that are caused by your unconsciousness needing to wake up to itself, needing to become more conscious, from a higher point of view, everything (even including the stumbling moments) is orchestrated by your very own soul’s free will, by your own choice, by your own consent, and in your best interest. It is crucial that you start to accept this idea, because if you don’t (and I have sensed it in many, many people, thousands of people), there will always be this lingering sense of feeling betrayed by the universe, feeling at war with the universe, feeling afraid of your own creation, feeling afraid of your own free will. You won’t see things as, “Oh, what will my free will do next?” You will see it as, “Oh, what will God do next?” or “What will life have in store for me next? I don’t know; it might be bad, it might be good—who knows? It will probably be bad because, more so than not, bad things seem to happen to everyone!”

We need to get rid of those ideas, respectfully. We need to transform them. We really do need to eliminate this sense that there is something called “not free will,” because this is not true. It is a universal law that there is only free will. Everything that happens happens by your own consent, through your own choice, on some level of your Consciousness. You need to understand this and start to trust this if you wish to experience yourself as inseparable from Creation, as totally safe, as totally immortal, as totally supported—and eventually as being the complete Creator of your own reality; the God of your Creation, of your universe.

Everything happens in your best interest, because you don’t choose experiences from a higher point of view that are not relevant or beneficial to you somehow. The way you can improve this is by learning the lessons that are given to you, by accepting the lessons that are given to you, and by knowing they come beneficially from this higher point of Consciousness.

Everything happens by free will. You can never experience anything you didn’t vibrationally agree to experience. Whether that vibration comes from your unconscious mind or from your higher conscious mind—either way, it is still your Beingness, it is still your creation, it is still your free will. It will become more and more conscious, and therefore the dance of your life will start to become more flow-like, will start to appear more abundant. Life is already abundant, but you will create it to look more abundant, to look more beneficial, to look more love-and-light-filled.

This will happen because you have become more conscious of the fact that, in every single second, you choose your state of being and your perspectives. And through that, you—with your Higher Self’s mind considering what is relevant for you—co-create your every circumstance and experience.

Most importantly, you choose your state of being. You choose the perspective with which you wish to go through life. You choose how you view yourself, how you understand yourself, what you feel about yourself, and how you look at life. It is up to you. It is up to you to clean up your closet of beliefs. It is up to you to get straight and get in alignment with the things that feel good to you, because what feels good is your “guidance compass” for what is true.

To clean up your causative beliefs requires your perspectives to become aligned with your Higher Mind’s points of view. So, choose only the perspectives that feel good. Examine the perspectives that don’t make you feel good, and ask yourself: “Why do I believe in that? Is that really true? Does it still serve me to believe in this?” Obviously, if it doesn’t feel good, it must not be true. If you feel good about a certain way of seeing, then it must be true.

Fully give yourself permission to accept the fact that your Higher Mind agrees with your present state of being, with your present perspective; it is in alignment. You have stopped arguing with your Higher Mind’s, or your Higher Self’s, mind, and you are starting to align with it, to live and see as it sees. This is the beautiful art of empowering yourself to become an ever more conscious, co-creating principle of Infinity.

Ever more freedom is regained. Although you already owned this freedom, you didn’t know about it, so you gave it away to other portions of your Consciousness. Now you can re-embody more and more of your free will and actually start to experience yourself more and more as a living god, as a living, co-creating principle—Consciousness—and that’s beautiful. There is nothing more profound than to experience yourself so inseparable from the Creator itself that you realize you are the Creator yourself. It’s worth it. Explore this idea.


  1. The first part of the homework for this lesson is to sit down for 10 minutes, at least twice before you open your next lesson, and contemplate the fact that everything that ever happened to you somehow happened out of free will, and out of being beneficial for your overall expansion and growth, for the theme that you chose to explore in this life.

    Somehow, everything happens by benign free will. Go through some of the experiences you may not agree with, that you may not consciously have wanted to happen that way. Somehow, find the clarity and the understanding, the acceptance and the surrender, to realize that those experiences were generated out of your own Higher Self’s Consciousness, in combination with your own unconscious reactions and your mind.

    Whatever perspectives you adopted in those moments, your Higher Self had to respect your level of free will. If your free will says something different than your Higher Self’s free will, your Higher Self will do its best to get through to you. But if you insist on your beliefs, it cannot reach you. You will not perceive its guidance, you will not perceive its hints and suggestions. You will not start to live in the flow that is possible for you.

    So, loosen up your insistence! Rest in the Presence of yourself. Center yourself. Take those 2- to 5-second breaks to completely give away all thoughts, all insistence, all of your own personal beliefs. As you relax into the center of your beingness, into your I-AM Soul Consciousness alignment—from that powerful, centered, peaceful, restful space of being—have a look at your life and your beliefs. Start to see how your life experiences are actually created in your best interest. Believe and know and start to download the feeling that these things are happening by your own consent, by your own free will only.
  2. The second part of the homework is to listen to, or read, this lesson again, until you feel like you have a good grasp on it, before you continue on to the next lesson.
  3. As always, I could call this the third part of the homework, but this is a given with every homework exercise. Apply what you have learned to every day experiences outside of your meditation sessions (if you do these). In everyday 2 to 5 second moments, take a pause of mind and clearly recognize that this moment is generated by free will, that you have the freedom to choose your state of being, that you have the freedom to choose what perspective you wish to take to respond to your life, to your circumstances at present. Start to embody this more and more.

    And I’ll see you in the next lesson. Enjoy.

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