Lesson 22 – Forget the details, Trust in Desire/Vibration

Hey friends, welcome back!

Today’s lesson is all about trusting in your desire and your vibration and letting go of managing the details.

When you have mastery of your frequency, of your state of being, you no longer need to dominate or control the details of your environment. But even more important than this is letting go of the idea of the timing, of the when and how things will be created for you and come into your life.

Many people start with a great, expansive sense of their dream and then they get bogged down by focusing too much on the details and the physical reality. They see that things are not yet working out and they mistrust what can come to them and when it will come to them. So, they are trying to take over their Higher Self’s job.

This is an innocent mistake that should be fixed if we want to continue to enjoy our expansion and our manifestation capabilities at an accelerated pace.

So, forget about the details and trust in the desire itself; trust in the vibration of what makes you come alive the most.

I always say, “Let go of the hows and the whens of manifesting—the way something manifests and when it manifests.” This is what we most frequently try to control: how something appears to us, in what shape, in what size, in what way it will come about, through what person or means it will show up. “It must come through money, it must come through my bank account, it must come through my job—there is no other way. My joy must come from this person not that person…” and so on.

When we become too blinded and cannot see how things can magically come to us (often in surprising ways)—if we cannot appreciate the mysterious ways in which things manifest—then we close ourselves off and we become controlling of our environment. We lose control of our vibration, which is the worst state to be in because it is the state of illusion, it is the state of the victim, it is the state of feeling stuck in physical reality—when in fact, you are a non-physical Consciousness creating physical reality, inserting physical reality through your state of being.

Let Go of How Things Manifest

Let go of how things will manifest for you. Allow yourself to be surprised! Just know that you are excited about this particular idea. Know that the same level of joy, or an even greater level of joy, can come to you in a form that is represented in any kind of way. It doesn’t have to come in the way you thought it was going to come.

If you can let go of the hows, Creation can enter your vision and really make palpable how spontaneous this co-creation is between you and your Higher Self.

Sometimes your Higher Self simply knows better than your limited sense of imagination, than your untrained imagination, than your belief system (based in linear reality) knows, as to what is an actual representation of your joy. Based on past experiences, you project into your future what you think you would truly enjoy. But your Higher Self knows, from different states and perspectives, that you would enjoy other things so much more—things that are much more valuable and beneficial to you as reflections of who you are than the things you may think you want.

So, have an openness; cultivate an openness. Trust in the vibration, trust in the desire, trust in your Higher Self, and let go of how things should come to you. Don’t be insistent on how things should appear. Be grateful for whatever comes your way, and define everything as a positive piece of evidence that you are fulfilling your dream, that you are creating your reality.

Let every moment, every creation—no matter what it looks like—empower you by knowing that you put it there somehow, and then trust and feel appreciation for that. In this way, you will accelerate even more. This is how things manifest.

Let Go of When Things Manifest

Probably even more crucial is letting go of when things manifest. Most people are insistent upon when things should manifest. With this comes a sense of time, which then generates a sense of lack, a sense of: “It’s not here yet.”

This perfect set-up of physical reality, of the physical illusion, is here to help us experience what it feels like to not instantly manifest something, because in the dream-state or the spirit-state, whatever we think of is instantly generated.

It is only within the physical illusion that Consciousness can explore what it is like to be an individual generating a desire and not immediately seeing it manifest. It is a very unique, rare state for Consciousness to be in, so it utilizes this to the fullest. It wants to practice faith, it wants to practice trust, it wants to practice confidence—regardless of circumstance—by putting itself into a physical vibratory state or plane of Consciousness in which things don’t manifest seemingly instantaneously, but require the illusion of “linear time” to progress before they can fully manifest.

This is an awesome set-up—you have to appreciate the system. If you don’t appreciate this linear time lag, you are going to feel very miserable in this life. So, appreciate that this is what you chose to experience because you want to practice faith, you want to practice trust, you want to practice deeper conviction in your true vibratory state, regardless of how it manifests in the outside, visual world.

You want to become a master of your vibratory state, above all else. More than manifesting what you desire, you wish to manifest true mastery of your state of being. You have placed yourself here in physical reality to learn (among other things) that the vibratory state of being is what controls reality, and that you don’t need to feel anything based on circumstances. You can feel whatever you want to feel, based on your own definitions, based on your own free-will choice.

Let go of when and how things should manifest.

If you can let go of when things should appear and simply be in a state of joyful, blissful, co-creative imagination; if you can be passionate about something you desire, and then passionate about another thing, and then another thing—if you keep planting new seeds, without looking back on how your previous seeds are doing—then you are really in the flow of super-accelerated living, where you continuously create more of your reality, more effortlessly and swiftly.

When you let go of how and when things should manifest, they start to manifest in an amazing way, and they start to show up incredibly fast. This happens because you let go of the tension of believing something should manifest at a certain time, on a certain date, before a certain year, or in a certain way.

Be in a State of Trust

Let go of the details, and instead, shift all of your intention into feeling good in the trust-state, into trusting in the vibration of your desire itself, into learning to enjoy the feeling of desire, without the inclusion of believing something is lacking on the physical level. Simply be in the state of desire—as if there is no time, as if the desire is already manifest, as if it does not even need to manifest.

If you can simply enjoy the imagination of your dreams, then you are on to something. Then you are off and running at an accelerated pace, and things can actually come to you, because you are in a state of high acceleration. In a high state of acceleration, highly accelerated events can happen in amazing ways, in magical ways, in impossible ways, in linear- and paradigm-defying ways.

I have seen things happen that are considered “impossible,” and it is just awesome. It happens every day—even semi-impossible things, things that shouldn’t happen as fast as they do for me, things that cannot possibly come about in this mysterious way, things that should come through a set linear pattern or through a bank account or through a particular person.

Let go of how and when things should manifest and shift all your energy into simply feeling good—no matter what. Feel into the desire’s imaginative state of being. Be the imaginator, the imagineer, the Creator of your reality—not the beggar, not the victim, not the slave of your circumstances, not even focused on your circumstances. Remain completely in your preferred state of being, let go of the details, and rest in the joy of: “I am already here; my imagination is all I need. This is my exciting state of being, this is what I want.” When you do this, things will manifest for you very rapidly.

So, let go of the details! Take a deep breath, relax all of your tensions for 2 to 5 seconds, and give all of the details back to your Higher Self—back to God, back to Source, back to Life, back to Existence, back to Consciousness, back to whatever you want to call You, all of You. Give it back, let it go, disown it.

It is not up to you how and when things will happen. It is up to you how you wish to feel right now and what you want to focus on next.

Be in that state of trust. Trust in the vibration of the desire itself, without a need for it to manifest in a certain way or at a certain time. If you can be in that state, things will happen at an accelerated pace—I promise you that. You will enjoy your life like never before, and you will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are the Infinite Creator of Reality.

Thank you.


Enjoy this lesson! Read or listen to it once or twice before you continue with the next lesson. Share your experience of this lesson in the corresponding study group and start to notice where you hold on to tense ideas within your own dreams of how and when things should manifest.

As always, I recommend writing some of these sentences down—some of these beliefs, some of these focal points—so you can reflect on them more clearly and remind yourself that you tend to get bogged down in this or that. When you see it, be free of it—transcend it instantly. Instantly feel, “Ahh, that is mistrust, that is fear, that is lack. I recognize it, and it doesn’t taste good. I don’t want it; I choose to be free!”

Surrender for 2 to 5 seconds (and therefore, forever) all the details. Let them go, give them back to God, give them back to Source, give them back to your Higher Self. Trust in the vibratory state itself, and enjoy yourself right here, right now in the free, non-physical state of Consciousness.

Do this, and things will happen magically.


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