Lesson 20 – Softening resistance and bypassing lack

Hey friends, welcome back!

This lesson is all about how to soften your resistance so that you can bypass the sense of lack. When you bypass the sense of lack, you can re-enter the realm of Abundance, the realm of Infinity, the realm of endless Expansion, the realm of endless Love, of unconditional Love, and as soon as you do so, your life changes—instantly.

When you bypass the sense of lack and enter this realm, your experience state, your feeling state, changes. This is very important; this is the most direct, immediate benefit. But also, since your state of being generates your circumstances, you are actually move into a vibratory state in which you shift into a parallel reality where better things are attracted to your experience.

What does “better” mean? Better simply refers to experiences that are more representative of who you are inside of your True Self. Your heart’s desires will be more effortlessly made manifest—reflected in what we call the “physical imagination,” or physical reality.

Any form of resistance is always based on the idea that there is lack, or that lack could exists, or that something happened that was wrong, or that caused lack. As soon as you are stuck in a lack belief, in a lack thought, in a lack perspective, instantaneously, you feel your feeling state shut off. It closes down. It feels contracted. It feels unpleasant. It feels nasty. You don’t feel quite as connected and free and effortless as you normally do.

In this state, you don’t necessarily perceive that you are unconditionally loved, unconditionally supported; that everything is possible, that you can generate whatever you desire to generate. You feel more like a victim of life, rather than an empowered Consciousness, a Creator of life.

“Spiritual Bypassing”

There is this common myth out there about resistance; let’s clear this up before we continue. The myth is that, if you are in a state of resistance and you ignore that feeling or thought of resistance, and instead you re-insert a thought or a perspective that feels more holistically positive, that feels more aligned, that feels more empowering—then you are practicing “spiritual bypassing.”

Spiritual bypassing is the idea that we avoid things that don’t feel good because we don’t want to not feel good. Now that is a great statement: We don’t want to not feel good. It really means that the system, as it is put in place by Higher Consciousness, is working perfectly! Every time we don’t feel good, Higher Consciousness wants us to not like it, because it allows us to wake up and change our course of thought, our course of believing, our course of action. So, it works! It is a good thing that we don’t like to feel bad.

However, the idea of spiritual bypassing states that, if we avoid negative feelings over and over again, we will never get to the heart of the matter. While I agree there are people who do this, I do not believe any of you, the adepts of this Academy, are heavily into this type of avoidance.

I understand that you, as much as myself, don’t necessarily enjoy bad feelings as much as you enjoy good feelings or “in alignment” feelings. I trust there is some level of maturity present in you, that there is some level of experience that has been gained here, and that you wish to see the beliefs that are out of alignment.

It is not that we are avoiding when it comes to softening resistance and bypassing lack. It is not that we are bypassing the core belief that makes us feel bad. Rather, it is that we allow ourselves to first enter a different vibratory state, within which we have access to much higher, more clever, more intelligent, solution-oriented thought waves.

Whatever vibratory state you are in, whatever feeling state you are in, you will have access to the thoughts that correspond to that level of Intelligence. Sometimes it can be really difficult to figure out what you are believing in that is rooted in the idea of lack, if you are looking at it from a level of resistance, from a lower level of intelligence. It can cause more contraction and more resistance if you keep working on that negative level, with that negative point of view or vibratory state.

First, Change Your Frequency

In order to positively work with negative beliefs, to look at them from a holistic, more transcendent place, you must first change your frequency. Then, quite automatically, quite quickly and intelligently, you will penetrate the issue you just transcended, so it won’t happen again. Whenever you are in a state of resistance, soften your resistance before you try to do anything with it. Test this out!

Resistance comes up due to a lack belief. Let’s say the lack belief is: “I want to go on a trip to Hawaii, but I don’t have enough money to do so.” You feel resistance. Your dream, your desire, your passion is inspiring you to look up things regarding Hawaii, to start creating the idea of moving to, or visiting, Hawaii.

However, thoughts also come in that are based on your circumstances: “Oh, I want to go to Hawaii in about a month, but I only have three thousand dollars in my bank account—and I need to pay all these bills and I need to buy my groceries and I need to support my spouse. I don’t have any obvious source of additional income in the next month. So, I don’t think it is going to work out.”

While this is a perfectly valid, logical way of seeing things, it is not exactly the way a Creator sees life. A Creator sees life in the following way: Resistance comes up, for example, the lack belief, “I don’t have the means to do what I desire to do when I desire to do so.” We collapse, we contract, we feel resistance. Resistance to what? To our desire. What is our desire? It is our True Self. Desire connects us to our True Self, so we are literally resisting who we are. Who we are inspired to be is being dampened. We dampen our spirits by believing in lack.

This is totally fine. It is not natural, but it is fine; it is conditioned. It is totally automatic. It makes sense from our human point of view, from a linear time-based point of view. However, as a creator, what you want to do is this: First of all, feel better. This puts you in a higher state of being, giving you access to more solution-based, abundance-based principles, thoughts, insights, and creativity, which you can activate from that higher state of being.

It doesn’t help you to stay with the facts of the physical circumstances as they are. If you want to create a trip to Hawaii, it doesn’t help to remain stuck in the thought, “I only have three thousand dollars in my bank account and that is about to run out in about two and a half weeks. I can’t see any other way to generate the financial abundance that I seemingly need, in order to make that trip possible.”

A Creator does not get stuck in that state of thinking! A Creator remembers (the adept remembers) that anything lack-based is not true. This does not mean you no longer make logical choices (to an extent), but it does mean that your vibratory state comes first—before anything else.

If you have done all you can do vibrationally and still the money does not show up—the trip to Hawaii does not seem to occur—that is where faith and trust and letting go come in. Still within the frequency of knowing, you tell yourself, “Well, this is simply not the time right for this to occur; something even better and in greater alignment wants to arise for me.”

So you see, even when seeming disappointment happens on the level of the manifest, you as a Creator, you as an adept, are still prioritizing how you experience that moment. You are still prioritizing your perspective of that moment, rather than focusing on what seems to occur in the physical moment. Why? Because you have learned that you don’t take your cue from physical circumstances; you give your cue to physical circumstances—regardless of what appears.

Over and over again, cultivate the intention, the decision, the choice, the empowered choice, to overwhelm your experience with your chosen vibratory state of being. And that state is not one of lack.

Always Choose to Feel Abundant

I assume you prefer to feel the infinite Abundance of your being—to feel infinitely inseparable and connected to the All-That-Is greater God Consciousness—rather than to feel you are limited and lacking and isolated from All-That-Is; rather than to feel you don’t have anything at your disposal that you can use to fulfill your dreams.

Obviously, we all prefer abundance. So, that will be your chosen response to any type of event—even if, from the traditional point of view, it could be labeled as “disappointment” or “failure.” We don’t buy into these terms anymore. We don’t care if things seem to fail, or disappoint, or are postponed, or don’t work out, or don’t manifest in quite the way we thought they could or would or wanted them to.

We don’t care!

We don’t care what other people have to say about circumstances.

We don’t care what other people think about circumstances.

We don’t care what our parents taught us about circumstances.

We choose to believe what we want to believe, based on how it makes us feel.

More on this in the next lesson. For now, simply know that you always have the choice to feel how you want to feel, and that with a higher feeling state comes immediate access to higher thinking.

This is why you want to soften resistance when there is a lot of resistance in your system. If you are collapsed and contracted and feel stuck, it does not help to stay in that mode and to observe the physical finances and the physical circumstances, and to base your state of being on those circumstances.

What helps is to ease, to smooth, yourself into a higher vibratory state of being. Again, some people have termed this “bypassing,” but I don’t believe this is true. I don’t believe one can truly bypass anything, because anything that is bypassed will show up again, if it actually needs to be looked at. If not, then it can simply be let go of. It is a mechanically impossibility to bypass anything.

Obviously, I am not suggesting that you never look at your negative beliefs. Definitely look at negative beliefs, but look at them from a higher vibratory state of being. Otherwise, you won’t be seeing the full extent of them. You won’t be able to see them and walk around them and look at them from all angles and see how they no longer serve you.

If you are in a negative state generated by a negative belief, you can only get a glimpse of the negative belief; you can only see it from one angle. From a negative state, you don’t have full freedom to walk around the belief; you don’t have the full spacious, high-frequency wisdom to see it from all angles. You don’t really know what else is out there for you to draw from, instead; you have nothing to replace this negative belief with—all because you are contracted and you have dampened your spirit with lack. And you don’t feel good about yourself.

If you are not feeling good about your existence, right here, right now, and about Existence in general, then you will not have access to higher thinking, to higher intelligence, solution-based, abundance-based ideas and perspectives.

Use Imagination to Shift Your Focus

So, you notice you are in resistance. What should you do? First of all, stop focusing on whatever it is you are focused upon, whatever it is that caused you to have the lack feeling, even though you know the resistance is not about the thing you are focused on—it is coming from a belief about that thing. So, for a moment, simply withdraw your focus from whatever it is that triggered the negative belief; whatever it is that caused the lack, the resistance, and the stuckness.

Instead, focus on something else, using this amazing “tool” (it is not really a tool, it is actually the nature of Reality) we call “imagination.” Imagination is Consciousness itself, and it has the ability to transport itself into, and to focus into being, certain desired experiences.

You can use your imagination to tune into any reality, any space, any time. You can use it to connect to actual places, experiences, and events and to create seemingly new ones, as well. Learn to use your imagination wisely. Use it to soften your resistance when you are stuck.

So, in a moment of strong resistance, shift your attention to something that triggers the experience of joy, of abundance, of feeling amazing about yourself. Focus on seeing how well you are doing, seeing how all things are possible, seeing how things are flowing for your higher good, seeing how Life is taking care of you and is supporting you, seeing how you are the Creator and not the victim, and so on.

Use any type of thought, any type of perspective on your life, any type of permission slip. Focus on something coming up in your future that excites you—something that is already scheduled, that you believe will happen. Or think about something that happened yesterday that was an indication, or proof, of how well you are doing; something that indicates the trip to Hawaii must also occur, because you are always supported. Based on your past few experiences, see that when you accelerate, anything is possible.

Even though you don’t perceive the finances yet, suddenly you have shifted your Consciousness from: “Oh, I am presently lacking finances,” to “Hey, two weeks ago I shifted my vibration, and suddenly, something seemingly impossible happened. Two days later, I did the same thing and something seemingly impossible happened again. Two days after that, I did the same thing, and again, something seemingly impossible happened. This system is working! The mechanism used to create these experiences is working!”

You have shifted your focus toward something that is life-affirming, abundance-affirming, creation-affirming, instead of toward denial and lack-based thinking. You start to feel good because you are aligning your vibratory state with the state of your Higher Consciousness, with the way it sees things. In this higher state of Consciousness, from this higher state of Being, you have access to higher thoughts, greater creativity, greater spaciousness; you have more ability to utilize imagination freely and positively.

Now, you feel so confident that you don’t even have to look at the physical circumstances! You know that something is already in motion. You know that, if you have faith and trust, rather than despair, that particular parallel frame of reality will hit the projector slide, will hit the position of your life projector, of your Consciousness, and that perfect reality will appear to you in no time, or in perfect timing.

You are using different experiences from the past, or imaginations towards the future, or thoughts about your present amazingness, or any other trust-infusing perspectives to shift your Consciousness into these holistic points of view that are in alignment with the greater truth of Spirit, of Consciousness, of Creation, of Existence. When you do this, you start to feel good.

You are softening your resistance, you see, by simply using your imagination. Through what you affirm and what you point to, through what you refer to and what you believe in, you start to shift your overall vibratory state of being.

Let Go of the Negative Belief

This is what you want to do; this is how you “bypass” the lack state and enter into the abundant state. You immediately reap the benefits of that, and as a side effect, you are able to look at the thought that triggered the negative resistance in the first place. But now you are able to look at it from an already-transcendent point of view, one that has access to far more wisdom and many more angles. You can see the entirety of that belief—where it comes from, what it is based on, and how it is no longer serving you.

When you spot a belief and can see from all angles that it no longer serves you, the belief is let go of automatically. You only believe in things you believe will somehow benefit you and be of service. Once you understand, from a higher state of being, that it is not of service to you, it is easier, much easier, to let go of the belief. Or the belief lets go of you, in a sense. And you are able to move on. You never have to experience that particular angle of resistance again, because you have now resolved it and moved on.

So, when you feel an intense resistance, the first thing you want to do is to soften that resistance, shift your attention, snap out of your negative state, and focus on something positive. Because from a negative focal state, you can never truly transcend the belief.

At first, you have to avoid the negative belief for a little while. Ignore it, bypass it in some way that works for you in that moment. Get to know yourself on the vibrational level; start to become a master of your frequency. Shift yourself around, using imagination and Consciousness.

Without denying anything that happened, without denying you have a negative belief, for a moment, put it on pause and work on shifting your frequency. Usually, working on this for about a minute, using conscious creative imagination, is enough time to fully shift from the negative feeling state of unconscious, automatic focusing on lack, lack, lack, lack, lack… to making a conscious effort to get out of that state. Keep returning to Abundance, Infinity, Endlessness, worthiness, amazingness, everything-is-possible-ness and so on, until, about a minute later, you feel grounded in the new vibratory upward-spiraling state of Consciousness.

From this upward-spiraling state of Consciousness, anything is possible. You will notice that you feel connected to the infinite Abundance of Life. And, if it still feels relevant, you will think back and say, “Hey, why was I feeling that resistance?” You will start to see those negative beliefs, and you can use the previous lesson’s techniques (the four-step program) to move through those negative beliefs. But now you will have a higher state of clarity to do so—effortlessly and holistically, in a grounded way.


When you are feeling resistance, first shift your attention to something more abundant and life-affirming, so that you can ease your vibratory state, bypass lack, bypass resistance, and be in a state of feeling really good. From this state, everything else will be shown to you, effortlessly, and things will start to come to you immediately. The Universe will respond to your new vibratory state instantaneously, and that is what we want. We want that positive two-way communication with the rest of ourselves to be in alignment, to be affirming and empowering, rather than dis-empowering.

So, enjoy this process!


  • The first part of the homework is to repeat this lesson one or two more times before you start your next lesson. As always, feel free to write a paragraph or two about the things you noticed as you listened to or read this lesson. Also, write down the things you notice as you ease your vibration.
  • I want you to write down the particulars of what helps you shift your frequency, so that the next time you are in a heavy state of resistance, you will have this list available. Perhaps you make this a note on your iPhone, or on your iPad, or on your computer, or maybe you just write it on a Post-It note and stick it on your fridge. Write these notes down as you are practicing, as you are easing your vibratory state into one of holistic Abundance, rather than resistance.

    Notice the points of view, notice the permission slips, notice the meditations or the exercises or the imaginations that seem to help you shift yourself out of a state of heavy resistance and into a state of intense Bliss and Abundance.

    Why? Because when you are in a state of resistance and you don’t have access to higher thoughts, you will completely forget what worked for you the last time (or at least, many people do). This is because you are not in the same high frequency state you were in when things actually worked out for you. So, writing it down will help you remember.

    It is really helpful to write these things down. Write down specific notes as to what exactly you do, or what you think of, or what you imagine, or what you believe, or what mantra you repeat, or what video you look at, or what book you read, and so on. Write down exactly what works to enable you to shift from resistance to Abundance. Each time you do this practice, write it down. Over the course of your life, this will help you to always stay in a higher state of being—at least most of the time.

    Feel free to share your experiences in the corresponding Study Group. I would love it if you would share some of the specifics of how you have personally learned to shift your frequency—what works best for you. This way, everyone can benefit, and we can pick up new ideas for how to shift our vibratory state.

    Thank you, Masters of your frequency, thank you adepts, thank you lovers, thank you friends, I appreciate you.

    Have a great day!

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