Lesson 16 – Neti Neti with Sensations

When you see very clearly that you exist independent of the things that appear and disappear in your life—not separate from them, but independent from them—then your identity shifts from things to Being. When this happens, usually through the direct recognition of Existence itself, you inherit all the benefits inherent in Beingness-Existence. -Bentinho Massaro

In this lesson, you will apply the Neti Neti Meditation to your passing sensations. If you find it helpful, consult the list you created in Lesson 13’s preparation phase.

Now, go and have fun exploring your freedom from your own sensations! You can deeply enjoy the eternal peace that comes over you when you realize the truth that you are not your sensations—not even those you feel most closely identified with.

Neti Neti Meditation (Stage 4) – “I Am Not My Sensations”

Now that you’ve seen clearly that you are not your circumstances, nor your thoughts, nor your emotions, imagine—or simply observe—the physical sensations that you can be conscious of at this time and that seem to generate and influence your present-day reality experience. Really, any sensation will do for seeing that you’re not it. Consult your list of stressful sensations and go through them, if you need to.

The Starting Focus

“I am here and now. I exist without effort. I am Present. I am Conscious. I am changeless. I am Pure Beingness. I-AM.”

Then Realize…

“The sensation I observe is over there, while I am over here.”

Now go back and forth a few times, between being centered on I-AM, over here, and focusing on the appearance of the sensation, over there…

Then continue, by making the following observations:

“I-AM before, during, and after the appearance and disappearance of this sensation, and all other sensations like it. This sensation, and all others like it, come and go, while I remain as the ocean remains, while its waves rise and fall, appear and disappear.

Since I am over here, and my beingness remains beingness, even while my sensations come and go on the surface of my beingness, I cannot possibly be my sensations—for I am here witnessing their arrival, their temporary presence, and their inevitable departure.

All the while, I abide, I remain, I know my Self—I stay home.

I exist prior to, and am therefore more fundamental than, the coming and going of sensations, as well as my thoughts about these sensations, all of which I am effortlessly conscious of, from over here.

If I am conscious of what appears, then I am that which is consciously present, not the sensations that appear to this conscious presence.

I am Presence-Consciousness. I Exist—no matter what. I-AM, independent of this sensation or that sensation. I remain unaffected by sensations.

My true Identity is Presence-Consciousness. Sensations are merely energetic appearances created out of my being’s essential Presence-Energy, like waves are made out of the ocean’s water.

Just as the water is unaltered by the dancing of the waves, my basic existence remains unaffected by the forms it uses to express itself.”


Repeat this powerful meditation with each item on your list of “physical sensations” until you feel clear from believing you are attached to them. Clearly see you continue to exist with or without them, and that even while they are present in your life, you are already beyond them, free from them.

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