Survey: To Realize or Actualize?

Question 1: Which of the following groups of qualities appeal to you the most:

Answer 1:

Bliss, Excitement, Passion, Creativity, Inspiration, Flow, Change, Empowerment, Alignment, Passion, Actualization, Manifestation (of your dream life), Following your Heart, Higher dimensions, Jumping timelines, Playing with Creation, Bending space/time, Knowing your individual purpose in life, Being fearless in action and choice, Changing your frequency, Choosing your state of being.

Answer 2:

Peace, Contentment, Bliss, Freedom, Wisdom, Stability, Changelessness, Timelessness, God, Realization, non-neediness, Transcendence, Deathlessness, Equanimity, Inner Satisfaction, True well-being, Non-Attachment, Letting Go, Knowing the real from the unreal, Presence, Awareness.

Question 2: Which answer contains the statement(s) truest to your present-day yearning:

Answer 1:

  • “I want to know more of who I truly am as an expression of Consciousness. I wish to know what I truly want from myself and I want to know with great clarity how to most effectively go about and become that fearless version of myself and create life in accordance with my heart’s highest joys.”
  • “I want to create my dream life. I desire an awesome partner with whom I can share this crazy journey, and I want a nice house and attract a life where I have more free time to do what I want and develop my talents and passions. I want to become better at manifesting my reality and feel more empowered.” “I want to be a channel of love, light and compassion. I want to help other people be in touch with their higher Self. I wish to know with greater clarity how to interpret my inner guidance system. I wish to become more intuitive, clairvoyant, and apply that sensitivity and awareness for the greater good of All That is.”
  • “I wish to accelerate my expansion of consciousness to reach greater and greater levels of ecstasy, higher frequencies, overflowing joy. I have a passion for evolution, craving more advanced experiences every day. I wish to be at the cutting edge of humanity’s evolution into greater consciousness and I wish to be of support to this collective expansion by being a rock-solid example of amazingness in my own life.”

Answer 2:

  • “I don’t want to care about what happens to me and my life anymore. I want to be done with the ups and downs of life and I want to be free from suffering altogether and feel free inside no matter what.”
  • “I want to know the truth underlying all of existence. I want to know Reality itself. I am more interested in the God level than that I am interested in the offerings of my personal life.”
  • “I want to have a deeper sense of aliveness for no reason. I want to feel connected to All That Is from the simplicity of looking out of my kitchen window while sipping on a cup of tea.”
  • “I wish to stop the constant yearning for enlightenment that I feel. I wish to reach finality in my understanding of life. I want this seeking energy to end and find total peace inside.”

Choose your path

If you feel a stronger resonance/excitement factor when reading answers number 1, then I recommend you explore the Way of Self-Actualization first, and continue by enrolling in the Empowerment I course.

If you feel more of a resonance with answers number 2, then the way of Self-Realization is likely to be of most interest to you to start with. In that case, I suggest you enroll yourself in the Enlightenment I Part 2 course.

You are encouraged to take courses from both paths, but this should give you some idea of where to start and which course will be most relevant to you at this time.

If you are still confused, don’t worry, you can’t go wrong. Both ways remain accessible to you at any given time and each path/way only supports and reinforces the strengths and experiences gained in the other way.

Note: I/we do not recommend that you enroll in more than one course at a time, as this would defeat the purpose behind the confusion-less, step-by-step nature which is the power of Trinfinity Academy and what makes it so much more effective than, say, reading a book, or a bunch of books simultaneously.

I do not think Trinfinity Academy can serve you nearly as much if you enroll in multiple courses simultaneously. It will be most effective if you enroll in—and complete—one course at a time.

The content, especially going forward, is substantial and needs to be perceived and understood in its own light and practiced accordingly. It needs to be given its own space in order for it to truly integrate and become experiential for you.