Lesson 3 – Transforming the Body

Hey friends, welcome back.

This lesson is about the changes that are taking place in the body. More specifically, it is about communicating an attitude to you that will help you through these changes; an attitude that will help you to arrive in the body that you prefer, that you desire, that feels good, that feels aligned, that feels healed.

You have heard me speak of the transition from 3rd to 4th Density. The information in this lesson applies to every piece of the material within the dream of this density. Everything is a dream within Consciousness, regardless of the density, regardless of the dimension. Everything is a holographic projection inside of Free Awareness.

3rd Density has a certain density of vibration. 4th Density has a whole different frequency of vibration altogether, just like the color green is very distinct from the color yellow. The 4th Density change that is happening (as we speak) is also affecting the material, the dream substance, of what we would call our “bodies.” It is important to recognize some of these bodily changes, because I see a lot of people running to their doctors and to their hospitals and getting medicated.

Physical Symptoms and Changes

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. I am not giving you any medical advice. Everything you choose to do is entirely your choice.

I find that people can be a little “hypochondriacal,” if that’s the word, where they jump upon certain symptoms that, if left alone, would probably just ease themselves out in about a day. Some of these symptoms do not need medication; they are simply a part of this vibrational change in energy.

If something feels off, feel free to go to your doctor. But in general, before you make such choices, I would like you to consider, “What is this a reflection of? Does this feel like something is actually physically wrong right now, and that the only way to adjust it is to use the ‘permission slip’ of going to a doctor or a hospital to change it?” There is nothing wrong with that, and if that is the case—perfect. Go for it; don’t hesitate.

However, for myself I notice that, almost all of the time, when I have physical discomfort or a symptom, it is because I have not paid attention in a certain way—I am not completely in balance or in tune with myself. Other times, it is simply a physical result of the vibrational changes I am going through. I might have a big epiphany, or a big vibrational identity shift one day, and the very next day, my body might adjust in a certain way. I might not feel as good physically, or I might feel a little nauseous, or some other symptom may arise. Usually I am able to very clearly discern, through meditation and intuition and focus, why that discomfort is occurring in my body and what the nature of it is.

Often, the nature of the discomfort is a correctable symptom that simply asks me to be in alignment with myself once again. In fact, this is true for every symptom, no matter how severe it has become. But again, sometimes you may need to use the permission slip of physical interference by a doctor.

The condition of your alignment is always the cause of physical discomfort. Occasionally, it is not that you are out of alignment, it is actually that you were in alignment, but the body illusion is catching up with your changes. You need to be able to recognize the difference.

Sometimes your body is asking you to pay attention, while at other times, the discomfort is nothing but a process—usually brief process you are going through. It may appear as issues with sleeping schedules, or “insomnia,” as you may call it. I wouldn’t judge this. I would just say it is a desire to sleep differently, or at different times, for a period of time. You might also feel some vertigo effects or dizziness. You might experience the senses working slightly differently, either being amplified or being dulled down a little bit in some ways. You may experience being more tired or not being tired at all. You might experience not being hungry at all or wanting more food of a certain kind, and so on.

These types of changes, which are sort of “lifestyle changes” or “disturbances,” are often simply reflections of the transformations you are going through. It may be conducive for these changes to not eat as much, or perhaps to eat more of a particular food. If this is the case, you will feel inclinations towards these things. It may be more conducive to these transformations to be awake during the night, and therefore, you might not be able to sleep. Don’t judge yourself about these things, and don’t go take a pill for insomnia. First explore—especially if the symptoms are not super severe. Ask yourself, “Hey, what can I do to better understand this symptom? How can I either realign myself or simply love myself for the fact my body is catching up to the changes I have experienced?”

Cleansing the Body

As this transformation continues to occur, you will find that the body is shedding its skin; it is shedding its 3rd Density materials. Beliefs you have been holding onto are crystallized in the body, and these are being purged. Cleanses are actually quite good for this. I recommend doing something along the lines of a cleanse every once in awhile, perhaps even an intense cleanse that lasts for one or two weeks and is more extreme. Personally, intense cleanses are not my favorite, but that’s me. It might be helpful for some of you.

Since I already feel very aligned and my body feels caught up with where I’m at, and with the vibrational changes of this dream environment as we go into 4th Density, for me what is most conducive is intermittent cleansing. For me, it is a gradual, subtler form of cleansing, but it is integrated into my everyday habits. If you feel like you are weighed down by something, by the cumulative effects of the past for example, it might be good to perhaps start out gradually and then do a one-week cleanse, for example.

Your imagination and intuition will guide you to the proper procedure for your cleansing experience. Of course, this is all a permission slip, but I do recommend cleanses because these crystallized beliefs are very much embedded in our collective, automatic mind consciousnesses; they are part of the rules that make up our dream conditions. In general, I would recommend that most people to drink more water. It is a consistent method of gradual cleansing.

Listen to Your Body

Pay attention to how your body wants you to change certain things; certain habits perhaps. And be gentle with yourself. Don’t try something extreme unless you are really inspired and you know you can do it. Listen more to your body. Notice that you don’t like the negative effects when you keep doing something that is not good for you. Notice the positive effects when you do the things that are good for you.

Feel good about doing what feels good to you, and feel not-so-inspired by what does not make you feel good. If you can get your mind around this, it will become easier and easier to naturally develop a lifestyle, diet, and exercise routine that feels good to you. Or none of these things, but other things that feel good to you; a lifestyle that feels like it is conducive to where you are at and how you are changing.

Again, symptoms that arise may be a signal for you to pay more attention and to correct an imbalance in your mind, in your way of thinking—going from lack to abundance, or from separation and disconnect to reconnection and alignment and feeling amazing inside. Symptoms may also simply be an after-effect of going through a certain change in your environment.

The Shedding of 3rd Density

You, as a “cosmic entity” going through a vibrational change, a vibrational upgrade, a vibrational shift from 3rd to 4th density—and the body is adjusting.

I have been talking about physical symptoms, but what is really happening to a lot of us is the “shedding of the skin,” the shedding of 3rd Density materials and belief systems that were sort of stored in the body (because everything you think becomes your body, so to speak).

The body is nothing more than a representation of the mind in a tangible, consistent, physical form that seems to move with you as you are traveling through these infinite parallel realities. The body is constantly reflecting where you are at vibrationally, in your mind. When you make a significant change in the mind or in your way of thinking or in your way of seeing, the body will also have to make a significant change, and that may come with certain symptoms. But what is actually happening is that you are letting go of certain realities that have been crystallized as your body, and you are embracing new structures. You are embracing new ways for your body to crystallize itself.

In general, everyone’s body is becoming lighter as it is changing and evolving its substance. The very fabric it is made of is gradually changing. And yes, DNA is opening up, or as people say, it is “activating.” DNA is, in a sense, enlightening itself. It becoming more conducive to this shift; it is becoming more hooked into its non-physical portions.

DNA has non-physical portions that we do not perceive. These non-physical portions of DNA are being locked-in to have more efficient communication with the physical, or quasi-physical, portions of DNA. As the shift to 4th Density continues, communication between ourselves and our Higher Selves, between our physical being and our non-physical being, will become more and more transparent—will become more and more conducive to change; to immediate malleability; to actually experiencing that this is a lucid dream.

So, we are being activated. Our bodies are changing. They are becoming more conducive conduits for Consciousness to express itself in this dreamlike world that we all share. We are upgrading, not only vibrationally, but also physically, because it is a reflection of where we are at. As a result, you may experience some changes. You may experience some effects.

Don’t panic too soon about these things; first ask yourself in meditation, or through intuition or imagination, for clarity on why these effects are occurring to you. If you notice where the changes are coming from, you will get a hit of clarity and excitement, and you will know exactly how to balance it, or how to let it be as it is.

I just wanted you to know about this, so you can pay attention to it. Thank you. I will see you in the next lesson.

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