Lesson 1 – Two Types of Happiness

Hi guys! Welcome to The Two Types of Happiness.

What are the two types of happiness? The two types of happiness are outlined by Self-Realization and Self-Actualization. The path, or the way, of Self-Realization allows you to achieve a sense of inner peace, a sense of transcendence—a transcendent type of peace, meaning that it’s the peace that never leaves, so it becomes completely reliable. The way of Self-Actualization teaches you the happiness of joy, of empowerment, of excitement, of passion.

Seemingly, these are two different types of happiness; two separate types of happiness. But they’re not actually separate; they are just like different facets of the same diamond. They are the different access points of joy, of happiness itself, of Presence itself, of Existence itself.

There are many facets of happiness that we could label, but roughly we could say there are two “sides” to the idea of happiness. One side is peace, the other is joy or excitement. And in this course, Empowerment I , we’ll dive very deeply into the idea of joy, into the idea of excitement and inspiration—tapping into your truly creative, inspirational source, and having that be your source of joy, your source of happiness.

The other courses, Enlightenment I through Infinity II, will allow you to get to a really profound state of peace and contentment. This has the benefit of allowing you to not get lost in the idea of excitement in a way that feels like it’s trapping you back into the sense of “I’m a separate, lacking individual.”

If you have at the basis of your understanding of Self some sense of the stability of Presence-Energy, the stability of Presence-Consciousness, the stability of Awareness, or the infinity of Infinity, then that takes away the neediness to express yourself in any way. It doesn’t take away the relevance—it will always be relevant for you to express yourself in the unique way that you exist and desire to exist—but it will take away the need for experiences to appear in a certain way, because we show you that appearances are simply appearing. Appearances are appearing in and out of Awareness. They are appearing and disappearing. So, to attach your wellbeing, your happiness, your joy to the coming and going appearances of life is not necessarily a smart move, as most of us know, because it creates this “wild goose chase” for happiness, for excitement in the things that appear.

To have Presence as a basis is extremely helpful, I must say. However, hypothetically, if you really, really nail it—meaning, you really, really understand and “grok” the principles of the Empowerment teachings—then the Presence side of things, the stability (Awareness) side of things will very naturally become a part of your understanding of Self.

Why choose joy if I’m peaceful?

People could ask themselves, “Why would I even be interested in the joy-side if what I have is already-realized peace? If I’m happy with myself no matter what happens, then what is the purpose or what is the relevance for me to explore all these intricate details of how Creation works, what it’s truly like to be human, and how I can express myself more fully? Why would I be interested in that, if what I have at the core of my being is already at peace?”

Relevance. Purpose. This is simply the way Creation is set up. In other words, in my experience, it is unhealthy for people to only choose peace. This may sound a little silly; it may sound a little weird. But I have seen people choose only peace, only peace, only peace. And I’ve seen them, in a sense, not be happy, or not be completely happy, not be as ecstatic as they could be, not be as attuned to their true Source as they could be.

Even though the peace, in a sense, is coming from Source (their individualized Source), their individual Higher Self’s I-AM still wants to express Creation in a certain way. It wants to express itself through the individual that you have created yourself to be. There is purpose to your life, there is purpose to you existing. There is value; there is worthiness to you being a full-fledged expressive vehicle for Infinity to get to know itself through, and to express its infinite possibilities through.

So, you see, if we’re forsaking this for the sake of being at peace, then isn’t that kind of selfish? Isn’t that kind of non-peaceful, non-loving? Isn’t that kind of needy, to only stick to peace, when all of Creation wants us to burst with joy like a volcano, with our unique expression? Isn’t it kind of fear-based to say, “Well, I just want to maintain my peace. I’m not interested in following my joy, discovering my passion, my theme, and getting a clearer understanding of how Creation operates through this individual expression of itself.”

I say it is a little fear-based, and in order to have this complete happiness, we need to master these two types of happiness and see that they’re an inseparable joyful ride of peaceful, never-ending Existence expressing itself in all these juicy, extremely potent ways. Expressing Infinity in a way it has never before expressed itself. Now, that’s where things start to come really, really alive! Trust me, because I have been a “peace junky” in the past; I have done the “just resting peacefully” thing. And it’s fun, it’s great. It’s even very empowering in some ways, to a certain degree, resting as peace, resting as Presence, resting as Awareness.

Just being at peace with whatever comes and goes, not caring about whatever comes and goes—it can be very empowering, especially if it’s new to you. However, at a certain point, I started to grow tired of that. It started to feel heavy; it started to feel contrived and unnatural; it started to feel unspontaneous and like suppression.

What at first felt like happiness and joy and true expression of who I was, true discovery of my true nature, true Self-Realization, suddenly started to feel like a subtle, but very sophisticated, form of suppression. And when I realized that, I realized that true humility is not just to be at peace with whatever comes and goes. True humility is to also listen to the impulse that Creation wants to move through you in a particular way—and to embrace that duty, to embrace that honor, to embrace that service.

Because really, when you embrace your service, your duty, your honor of expressing Infinity in a specific way that is unique to you, and making the best of that, and clarifying your energy field to the point where it becomes this pristine crystalline expression of Infinity—that type of caring is actually humility.

And there is an even greater peace—knowing that you are doing what you want to be doing, what you are “supposed” to be doing, what is really meant for you. To really embrace and embody that, and not deny it for the sake of thinking that peace is over here, whereas joy and passion and inspiration are very prone to suffering. Because, essentially speaking, they are not that prone to suffering; it only seems so because we’ve included the idea that “lack can exist.” (But we’ll address that in a later lesson.)

For now, what you need to know is that there are two types of happiness. One is the peace side. It is all one diamond: it is all one happiness, it is all one Being. It is one clarity, one Self-Realization. However, there is the expression of choosing peace—choosing to not care about whatever appears. And there is the expression of caring about what appears—without the idea that something can be lacking. This is crucial.

If you would understand the empowerment side alone, and really get that there is no lack, then the peace side would be naturally mixed in. It’s naturally blended, and you don’t necessarily need to focus as much on it. I’m not saying you should not follow the other courses, because, honestly, they are very helpful and they do teach you subtleties that the Empowerment teaching does not address, because it is not that relevant from its angle. So, overall I recommend that, if you have the time and you resonate with it, you do go through these courses—at your own pace, when it excites you.

However, hypothetically and experientially speaking, if you completely understood that there is no lack in Existence anywhere, and if you started to activate yourself, what would happen is that the peace that is there anyway (because your frequency and your clarity rises) would become a very natural, almost unspoken part of your being. Whereas in the study of Self-Realization, we really focus on it, we turn it into a science—which is beautiful, a great thing. It is a great service to do that for ourselves. However, for the adept who just masters the idea of empowerment, if they really, actually, genuinely balance themselves and master it to a great extent, then the peace side will become a very, very natural part, a natural blending with their joy, with their self-expression.

So, for now, just realize there are two types of happiness: There is peace and there is joy (or passion, excitement). Both are ultimately part of the same One Being that you are. Both deserve your attention when they resonate, when they feel relevant for you. And both deserve to be explored so they can work in harmony together as the One Being they are.

And then your happiness is complete. Then you’re a holistic creature, you are as God created its children to be, in a sense; as the Creator created Creation and all of its I-AM expressions to be. That’s what you become! You become clear, clarified, crystal clear, super free, joyful, peaceful. All these core qualities of Creation become yours; they become yours! They already are yours, but you become this exuding, overwhelming expression of that clarity.

This is what you want for yourself. Trust me—this is what everyone wants for themselves.

But find out for yourself. This course will help you find out. This lesson is here to introduce you to the idea that you can have peace as well as joy, blended together.

Please take enough time to fully integrate the concepts and practices introduced in each lesson. While the usual time in between lessons may be 22 or 46 hours, feel free to take as long as you need with each lesson.

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